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Aronius Abernathy
Biographical information

Pre 1986 (presumably)

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Hair colour


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Family information
Family members
  • Edith Abernathy (possibly)
Magical characteristics

Unknown length, wood and core

  • Supervisor for the Wand Permit Office of the Magical Congress of the United States of America (? - 2003)
  • Magical Congress of the United States of America (formerly)
    • Department of Magical Law Enforcement (formerly)
      • Wand Permit Office (formerly)
  • The Dragon Lord
    • Death Eaters

Aronius Abernathy (fl. 2000s) was an American wizard, a former employee of the Magical Congress of the United States of America and eventual Death Eater follower and acolyte of Isaac Nasser/The Lord of Dragons, seemingly joining the dark sorcerer during the period of time he spent in MACUSA custody before assisting him in his escape and joining the growing legions of The Dragon Lord's wizard followers.


Early Life[]

Since Aronius Abernathy was a talented wizard growing up in the United States, it can be assumed that he attended the national place of education, Ilvermonry School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If so, he likely graduated with high marks before going on to join MACUSA as a supervisor for the Wand Permit Office. During this time, Abernathy apparently developed a friendly relationship with Queenie Nightingale, an employee under him with whom Abernathy treated in a gentleman-like fashion.

Career at MACUSA[]

In 2002, he served as a supervisor to both Queenie and (after she was demoted from the Auror Training Program for revealing herself before the Third Salemers) Queenie's younger sister, Scarlet in the Wand Permit Office and was charged with the duty of overseeing their activities and whereabouts. For reasons not completely known, Abernathy enjoyed placing Scarlet in trouble with their superiors, perhaps relishing that the once high-ranking trainee was now under his command as an employee.

One day, discovering that Scarlet had interrupted a meeting held by the Investigative Team again, Abernathy marched into Scarlet's office, calling angrily for the young Nightingale and instantly realises that the demoted Auror trainee was hiding behind her desk. Admonishing her, he then demands to know whether she was again investigating the New Salem Philanthropic Society as he guessed, growing further agitated by the lack of answers from Iiron when he politely asks where Scarlet had picked him up. Abernathy, however, is prevented from further interrogation by the arrival of Auror Percival Graves, who's presence instantly cows Abernathy, the supervisor immediately brightening up and politely saying hello. However, while he remains silent, falling into line behind the alleged Auror Director, Abernathy takes some smug pleasure as Scarlet's theatrical opening of Iiron's believed creature-containing suitcase revealed nothing by bakery sweets and pastries as its contents.

The next day, a flustered Abernathy emerges from a crowd of employees, having sighted Queenie departed. Calling for her, Abernathy strides towards the beautiful witch, straightening his tie as he attempts to take a calm, authoritative air while fixing a smile to his face. Questioned Queenie where she was going, Abernathy receives the claim from Queenie that she was ill (an claim she had apparently used at least once before), which Abernathy, slightly confused/skeptical, replies by politely asking what she had in her suitcase. Queenie replied that the luggage contained her women's things (in reality, she was smuggling Scarlet, Lance, Iiron, Yellow and Jacob Kowalski from the MACUSA building unnoticed) and when asked if he wanted to take a look to demonstrate, the embarrassing Abernathy immediately and uncomfortably replied that he would not, swallowing hard, and wished her to get well. Receiving a sweet reply, Abernathy, his tie straightened, was left staring after her, heart racing.

At dawn the next day, it was discovered that Percival Graves was in fact impersonated by a worldwide-wanted wizard, The Dragon Lord, who, with the help of Lance and Scarlet, was captured and imprisoned in the MACUSA headquarters

Joining the 'Greater Good'[]

Even though trapped, The Dragon Lord was still dangerous, despite the many magical safeguards that had been placed upon him, for he was a charismatic, silver-tongued individual who's words seduced his guards into turning their allegiance and joining his followers. The fourth set of guards included Abernathy, who, while guarding the prisoner, secretly supported The Lord of Dragons and the idea of freedom he stood for, eventually going over to his side (assuming he was not already). The turned MACUSA supervisor thus switched places with the apprehended Dragon Lord, via Human Transfiguration and took his place as a prisoner. After this, MACUSA (who were unaware of Abernathy's defection) decided that The Dragon Lord's tongue should be cut off so that he could not influence others with words. Little did the Aurors know, however, that they had in fact stripped Abernathy's tongue, and the real Isaac was now among them, disguised as a member of their staff.

Around six months after the capture, early in 2003, Rudolph Spielman and other Aurors arrived from Europe to take custody of Isaac so he could answer for his worldwide crimes, it was actually a transformed Abernathy in the cell with his tongue removed. Sitting motionless in a containment cell, a Chupacabra named Antonio chained to the bound chair he sat in. To this end, the false Dragon Lord was subjected to spells that lifted him and immobilized him, hosting him magically into the air. Passing through the prison, false Dragon Lord is transported between two lines of Aurors through the tiers of cage-like prisons where dozens of followers of the Dark Wizard, incarcerated, were inflamed at the sight of what was apparently their master, roaring, cheering and chanting the Dragon Lord's name. The disguised Abernathy was thus placed within the Incarceration Carriage together with a team of Aurors and Rudolph Spielman, his eyes following the blood pact vial as the real Lord of Dragons passed a box allegedly containing the dark sorcerer's wand, and upon the President's subtle remark, did the same to the precious vial before the law enforcement officer also enters the carriage and the team set off.

Still baring his leader's appearance, Abernathy keeps his gaze locked with Rudolph's as the Head of Incarceration notes that 'The Dragon Lord' no longer had his "silver tongue", only for Abernathy to return to his true appearance mid-flight before the officials present while the Dragon Lord (still bearing Abernathy's appearance) apparated onto the carriage and disposes of the drivers within seconds before causing all three law enforcement officers facing the tongueless Abernathy to find their wands turning on them, then melting into dust. Assisted by Antonio and the Dragon Lord's dragon, Inferno, who had been hiding in the wand case, Abernathy, with an inordinate shout, pounced, lunging at Rudolph. Struggling with the guard Aurors as he tried to get a hold of his master's belonging, able to use only his mouth, his hands still bound behind his back, when Spielman tried to recover the vial, Abernathy responded by biting down on his wrist. Before any other action could be taken out, the fight was interrupted as carriage is driven in, then out, of the Hudson River and is filled with water, distracting the Ministry wizards long enough for Abernathy, whilst holding his breath, to capture the blood vial in his mouth. After disposing of his remaining pursuers, the Dragon Lord, sharing a nod with Abernathy, opens the carriage door, sending the river water bursting out, along with the two Aurors inside, before clambering in to regain his salvaged vial from Abernathy and replacing Abernathy's tongue with a split, reptilian one, telling the ex-WPO employee he had become part of a noble cause. After sending Spielman flying down from the carriage (although he survived thanks to a Slowing Charm), two rogue wizards and their animals then flew away to Europe, perhaps to Nurmengard, where Abernathy was elevated into the Dragon Lord's inner-circle of Death Eaters.1000?cb=20211216022658Abernathy with The Dragon Lord and Princess Darkness in their Headquarters

Three months later, Abernathy travelled with his leader, the Forsworn and other Death Eaters that served as his inner-circle of acolytes to Paris, intending to find Luz Noceda and to spread word of their cause. Striding through the city streets to intended meeting point with another acolyte, MacDuff, Abernathy subtilty kept watch as his companion magically opens the doorway before silently entering and murdering of a trio of Aurors with his fellow acolytes, which allowed them to take over the now unoccupied home as a safe haven and base for them, Abernathy assisting in transferring one of the coffins containing one of the murdered to the hearse before following his master and Princess Darkness back into the concealment of the house. Listening in silence as his master deployed Nagel on separate missions, the reminded Darkness that death was not to be the fate of all who did not follow their cause, turning to continue watching the Dark Lord and listening carefully and avidly to his master's words. Soon after, they are told by the Lord of Dragons's second-in-command, Orazira Lestrange, that she had captured the third dark wizard catcher, Aronius filed with the rest of the group after their leader into a upstairs room, watching in silence as the Magicar-Wizard scrutinises, then reluctantly deploys Ex-Queen Wasp to kill the third man, departing before the gruesome deed in carried out.

In the house, he keenly listened to how Isaac Nasser expressed the utmost need to find Luz Noceda, as Luz was the only key which would allow him to kill his cousin and former friend Fader Magicar, the biggest threat to their cause, seething with excitement as a vision of the youngster is conjured before holding the skull hookah used by the Enemy to create the image as Krall, questioning the need for their target, is subsequently confronted bluntly by the Dark sorcerer.

Again using Human Transfiguration, Abernathy took on the appearance of a genteel elderly witch to take a Lestrange family box from Records Room in the French Ministry of Magic, with the assistance of fellow devoted acolyte, the Dragon Lord's wife and deputy, Princess Darkness Magicar. Holding the stolen record box in a handbag, Abernathy, still disguised, is ushered politely into an elevator by Darkness, where he reverts to his true form, passing the object to the ex-Princess in silent reply to her questioning look.

While Darkness stealthily lures Queenie Nightingale into the hands of her husband/master, Abernathy then rendevoused with MacDuff and the dark wizards entered the Lestrange Mausoleum, planting the box of records on the marble tomb of Leo Lestrange, the box being all part of Abernathy's master's plans to lure his foes into his clutches.

The Dragon Lord's Paris Rally[]

Abernathy attended the subsequent rally of Nasser's at the Lestrange Mausoleum as one of his Death Eater guards. Watching as his master addresses the vast crowds of his supporters, calling for the disclosure of the world of magic and presented a vision of World War II and summoning forth a vision of the third Muggle war, Aronius then beheld the Aurors Harry Potter had led to break up the rally pass the guards safely on the invitation of the Lord of Dragons, which climacted in the death of a young witch. After the thousands of attendees magically depart of the his instructions, the Greatest Dark Wizard of the Ages conjured a circle of protective fire around himself to test the loyalty of his followers, which Darkness, Darkener and the other 12 Forsworn first pass through, followed by the Death Eaters, Abernathy stepping into the black flames unharmed, his clothes flapping as he glanced around and also disapparated away along with his fellow acolytes and the 13 treacherous Dragon Riders (with the sole exception of Krall, who was incinerated in the flames for his disloyalty) to spread the word that it was law enforcement, not the Dragon Lord, that were violent, showing his intense and unwavering loyalty to the Lord of Night and his cause


Aronius had short, dark brown hair that he was combing to one side. He was a small man with no stubble. In 1927, he was stripped of his tongue after assuming the appearance of The Dragon Lord. Later, however, a new, split tongue was conjured up for him by his master as a reward for helping him escape. Despite this new, changed body part, Abernathy was still capable of speech.

Personality and traits[]

Aronius Abernathy was originally a diligent employee at MACUSA holding a position of minor leadership. Notably, he was charged with overseeing the activities of several minor MACUSA functionaries, including the Nightingale sisters. He upheld the conventions of the time and was rather curt towards former Auror Scarlet Nightingale following her demotion to the Wand Permit Office for using magic against a non-wizard in front of several equally non-magical witnesses. He also respected authority, falling back while in the middle of reprimanding the aforementioned employee when what appeared to be Percival Graves entered the room.

Despite his largely strict and conscientious attitude, however, he was not a completely inflexible man, prone to let his feelings get the better of him like any other. This was seen when he allowed the beauty of Queenie Nightingale to cloud his judgement, letting her steal the recently impounded suitcase of Iiron before it could be investigated. Following the arrest of The Dragon Lord, he took on additional responsibilities at MACUSA, being directly involved in overseeing Isaac's containment. This clearly displays what a determined and achievement-oriented person Abernathy was, could be, successfully securing the confidence of (and concealing his new allegiances from) President Seraphina Lakeness, a keenly intelligent and gifted witch, up until the time he and The Lord of Dragons swapped places.

Even more impressive was the fact that he did so in light of the fact that trained members of the Department of Aurors set to guard Nasser's cell had had to be rotated thrice because Nasser's charisma was known to persuade them to join his cause. Like so many other witches and wizards in the segregated wizarding community of America, Aronius mistrusted No-Majs, evidently sharing the sort of 'us versus them' mentality that lead to the introduction of Rappaport's Law and would make the prospect of devoting all his energies to the Greater Good seem appealing. This was most clearly shown by how when he, unlike some of the young rabble that was some of the Dark Lord's supporters, became counted among the few recent recruits (having seemingly been recruited only six months before) whom their revolutionary leader was utterly unconcerned about showing his ruthless streak in front of, and Abernathy even witnessed the murder of three fellow wizards and remained staunchly loyal.

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Apparition: Aronius Abernathy was capable of apparition, as he was able to successfully disapparate away from the Lestrange Mausoleum.
  • Dark Arts: As a high-ranking, active Death Eater and one of the inner-circle acolyte followers of the Dragon Lord (the master of all the Death Eaters), Abernathy was obviously an experienced dark wizard. He was able to assist in slaughtering three dark wizard catchers in mere seconds with Avada Kadavra and could no doubt perform the other two Unforgivable Curses, as well as a variety of dark charms, curses and jinxes.
  • Duelling: Abernathy was obviously an accomplished in martial magic to be a member of the inner circle of Death Eaters. This is further shown by the fact that Abernathy assisted in slaughtering two well-trained Aurors (who had been responsible for the deaths or imprisonments of dozens of the Dragon Lord's followers) in mere seconds, although the dark wizards had the advantage of numbers.
  • Transfiguration: Aronius Abernathy was notably skilled in Transfiguration, utilising Human Transfiguration, the most difficult branch, on two occasions, once imitating the Dragon Lord, then an Elderly Woman, in his service to his master, both with complete conviction and believability
  • Acting Skills: Abernathy was a skilled actor, hiding his new allegiances from the ever-keen President Seraphina and Aurors, even after the persuasive Dragon Lord turned his Auror guards to his side on three occasions and not stirring any suspicion while pretending to be Isaac, his cover only being blown after his Transfiguration wore off, and by then, it was to late.


  • Wand: Abernathy's wand was of unknown length, wood and core material. This wand was presumably manufactured by an American wandmaker. The wand is "ebony and is separated from the shaft by a silver cuff."


The Dragon Lord[]

While masquerading as Percival Graves, Isaac Nasser (otherwise known as the Lord of Dragons) was respected by Abernathy. This is indicated by the moment Aronius reprimanded Scarlet, but was immediately silenced when Graves appeared. Most likely, however, this is due to the position the real Auror had held in the Magic Congress of the United States of America.

With the wizard trapped in MACUSA headquarters, Aronius became one of his fourth guard. Despite being captured, the Enemy, as he had with several before him, managed to win Abernathy to his side and persuade him to help him escape. Aronius even agreed to switch places and appearances with the sorcerer, which resulted in the loss of his tongue. While on the run, Abernathy struggled to retrieve a vial valuable to his new leader, and was rewarded with a new tongue for his assistance.

Afterwards, Aronius joined Nasser's acolytes and obeyed all orders. He also proved his loyalty to the sorcerer by walking through the flames of the Protego Diabolica, showing his unrelenting allegiance to the dark order. The Dragon Lord, in turn trusted Abernathy with the mission of stealing the family box belonging the the Lestranges from the French Ministry with the assistance of the Dragon Lord's devoted wife, Darkness.

Queenie Nightingale[]

Abernathy was the supervisor of Queenie and her sister Scarlet at the Wand Permit Office, where he oversaw their work. Among his interests was troubling the Nightingale sisters. Despite this taste, the man had a weakness for Queenie, who could use it efficiently, among other things, to leave work under the pretext of illness. The witch was also able to embarrass Abernathy easily. It was probably related to her legilimency ability to read his mind.

In 2003, Queenie, as Abernathy had before, joined the Death Eaters, although it is not known how this affected their relationship, given how Queenie had joined after falling in love with a No-Maj, who's kind Aronius distrusted. Queenie, however, would eventually defect back to Fader's camp, rendering the two likely enemies once more.

Princess Darkness[]

Very little is known regarding Aronius Abernathy's relationship with Princess Darkness, his master's fanatical deputy and devoted wife, but as a member of the 13 Forsworn (the 13 Dragon Riders who were among Dragon Lord's first original followers and formed his most dedicated and innermost circle) she was his superior, though she might have felt that his actions regarding their master's escape from MACUSA ranked him high, despite her obviously holding herself higher due to her rank. However, the two seemed to work well together, easily stealing the Lestrange Family Box.

Behind the scenes[]

  • It is currently unconfirmed whether Abernathy joined The Lord of Dragons before or after the latter's arrest by MACUSA, or what role he played, if any, in Nasser's infiltration under the guise of Percival Graves (many Death Eaters having been deployed to worm their way into the Ministries of Magic worldwide and recruit more to the Lord of Dragons's side).
  • Aronius's participation in Isaac Nasser's escape resembles his fellow Death Eater Peter Pettigrew's participation in the Dragon Lord's servant, Voldemort's rebirth. They were both followers of Dark Wizards (The Dragon Lord and Lord Voldemort [Lord Voldemort was in fact a Death Eater, albeit of high-rank, and thus a servant of the Dragon Lord) and helped them return. To this end, they sacrificed a part of the body (Abernathy's tongue, and Peter's hand) that had been disenchanted by their leaders for helping them.