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  • Ulf-Harald John
  • Dumbledore's Army
  • Harry Potter

Akela was the pet wolf of Ulf-Harald John. Akela was born either before 1993 or a couple of months before the December of 1993. Akela was bought in a magical pet shop probably either in Diagon Alley by Markko Teräsinen, the godfather of Ulf, who was tasked by the mother and father of Ulf to deliver a few birthday presents from them. Akela became a trustworthy and loyal pet to Ulf-Harald who followed Ulf whenever he could.



Akela was born probably in the Magical Menagerie and was bought as a wolf pup by the godfather of Ulf, Markko Teräsinen during his trip in England were he was tasked to not only deliver presents from Alex and Jillie John (father and mother of Ulf) but also to at least buy one present for Ulf. At Hogwarts when Ulf recieved his presents he also recieved Akela, his pet from on that point. One day both Ulf and Akela were saved by Lupin and Cedric from Dementors (though technically Akela had no reason to be afraid of Dementors as he was a wolf).

In Ulf´s third year when Ulf was in conflict with Pansy Parkinson, Akela was a subject to Pansy´s nasty tricks where Pansy casted a somesort of Hex on Akela that gave Akela hot spots like a dog or a cat.After the conflict between the two was ended by Severus Snape, Akela was taken to Poppy Pomfrey where he was cured from the hot spots.


Akela followed Ulf to Grimmauld Place 12 to meet the Order of the Phoenix a few days before Harry´s arrival and hearing at the Ministry of Magic. Akela was offered some food by Molly Weasley and Akela would sleep on Ulf´s bed. Akela met Crooshanks and the latter first tried to boss around and tease the former through pouncing or swatting, but gave up later when Akela ignored the attempts.

Akela like in the previous school years of Ulf, followed Ulf to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. It is stated that Akela looked disdainfully at Dolores Umbridge during the weekends when she walked by and her thoughts on the wolf was mutual. Akela also snapped off Crabbe´s pants when Crabbe and Goyle was affected by the puking candy in order to free Ulf, Leonard, Arnold and the others from the Inquisitor Squad.

Little is known about Akela´s role during Ulf´s fifth year at Hogwarts other than he recognized that Mrs.Norris was owned by Filch and chased her around through the castle to provoke Filch as a punishment towards Filch bending the knee to Umbridge or that he at one point ran out in the forest after scenting a pack of wolves during mating season of wolves.


Akela attended the Funeral of Dumbledore and followed Ulf on his sixth year to Hogwarts.

Battle of Hogwarts

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Akela fought bravely against the Death Eaters despite lacking magical abilities. He was briefly separated from Ulf when he attacked a Snatcher, but was reunited with a morning Ulf as the boy cried over the body of Maleksi, who had just been killed by Andreiko Igorobravitch and let his grief out in a drawn-out, mournful howl. He was later seen among the crowds of Hogwartians with Ulf as they watched the triumphant Death Eaters and attacked several Death Eaters when the battle restarted, chasing them across a tower bridge, despite the fact that any of the Death Eaters could have just used a simple curse to finish him off. He later helped Ulf take down the infamous Snatcher second-in-command Killian Rayburn, pinning him to the ground with a snarl. Akela continued to live as Ulf's family pet and was a playful companion to Ulf's children.

Personality and Traits

Akela was a trustworthy and loyal wolf and pet. He followed Ulf whenever he could and was allowed and slept either on or under the beds Ulf-Harald John slept during nightime.Akela seemed also very patient as seen with the case of Crooshanks during summer of 1995.Akela was most importantly very protective and brave, risking his life not only for his master Ulf but also the allies of his master.


Ulf-Harald John

Akela was very loyal to his master and owner and treated his owner as a family member of a wolfpack. He followed Ulf when he was allowed and Ulf loved his wolf companion in turn.


At some point Akela met Fang, the dog of Rubeus Hagrid. They spent the day sniffing and nosing each others noses and heads and comparing each other to another.


At Grimmauld Place, Akela met Crooshanks, the pet of Hermione. Hermione´s half-Kneazle tried to tease and boss around Akela. Akela was patient and seemed to ignore the half-Kneazle. Crooshanks gave up when Akela ignored him.


  • Akela´s name obviously comes from the alpha wolf from the Jungle Book.
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