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Amber Bellatrix Lestrange
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November 28, 1993

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Amber Bellatrix Lestrange is the daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange. She was born at the end of November. As a member of the Lestrange and Black families, she is deeply connected to Lord Voldemort. However, though she was loved by her mother or father, her parents would not remain free long enough to raise their daughter, as, soon after her birth, Bellatrix and Rodlophus went in search of their lost master, so instead Amber was raised by her aunt Narcissa and uncle Lucius Malfoy

When she was born, her parents served Voldemort. Voldemort called her a true pureblood and genius worthy of her bloodline and status. Bellatrix gave birth to Amber soon before the First Wizarding War in Lestrange Manor, but, knowing she and Rodolphus must set out to find their fallen master, Bellatrix and Rodolphus entrust Amber's raising to Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy in order to ensure their beloved daughter safety from Aurors or fellow Death Eaters.

As Amber grew her intellect developed from an early age. Under the strict watchful eyes of Lucius, Amber became a genius. As she grew up, she was given all the privilages of being a pure-blood such as wealth and freedom. Unlike her cousin Draco, Amber received the best grades at Hogwarts, was a member of the Slug club and was keeper for the Slytherin Quiddich team.  

She was loved and spoiled by her aunt and uncle. When Voldemort returned, she met him when came to the Malfoy manor and was pleased. She had only met her parents three times in her life. When she was born, when they escaped Azkaban and at the various meetings at malfoy manor.  

Amber looked like her mother and has her mother's cunning and her father calm demonar. However she took on traits of her aunt Narcissa as polite and uncle Lucius as a serious individual. She was "the nearest thing to a daughter" to her Aunt and Uncle as they raised her.  

As a pureblood, she was in the social elite and had the best of everything. She wasnt aware of having a half sister Delphi until after their mother and fathers died.  


Amber in the Hogwarts library

Amber is a quiet genius level witch. She grew up having everything she wanted so she never had to work for what she wanted. She likes being a genius and praised by those around her. She. has shown to be smart and patient and can wait for things she wanted.

Amber has a genius level IQ so she can remember everything she reads, hears, experiences and sees. She has talents for all classes especially Defence Against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts and potion making. She can turn into a Black wolf or cat as she pleases. Amber is described as bright and competitive. She attends Hogwarts school along with her brother, Harry Potter and Hermione and is one of its brightest minds. As the "Top Student" of Slytherin House, Amber is proud of her status as one of best student in the entire school and goes as far as to use it as a bragging right. She occasionally looks down on other students who are not as successful as she is and gently teases them. Though she takes pride in her power, if she doesn't deserve the spotlight, then she dislikes it, showing an honorary side, not wishing to take credit for someone else's achievements. She is somewhat the teacher's pet, seeing as how Severus Snape regards highly of her. However, she does have a sensitive side when her reputation is compromised. Her reasons for being the way she is is because she wants to someday become a member of the Wizengamot Council, who only handpick the best of the best. In addition to enjoying reading to children at the Diagon Alley Library, Amber has a kinder side, respecting Hermione and even acting rather friendly to her, despite her muggle-born status and helping Dumbledore's Army in her seventh year after she saw the horrific ordeals forced upon her fellow students. The latter showed not only the extent of her selflessness but also the desire to make amends with her fellow students and disagreement with the Death Eaters' disdain towards the weak. She keeps this softer side concealed so as to not demonstrate weakness.

Amber enjoys being a pureblood. While she knows there are muggles who become wizards, she doesn't associate with them most of the time during her early years. She was taught blood purity was all-important by her Uncle Lucius and Aunt Narcissa. Despite this, unlike her cousin Draco, Amber does not show loathing of muggle-borns and blood traitors, even seeing Hermione as a respected rival.

Amber does care about her cousin as a brother because she grew up with him as well as love her aunt Narcissa and uncle Lucius.




Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange were devoted to Lord Voldemort so they didn't pay their daughter attention. The only thing about Amber that made her parents happy was that she was a pure-blood and genius level witch. Despite this, this did not mean they did not love her.

Amber is the only daughter between Bellatrix and Rodolphus. While Bellatrix was devoted to Lord Voldemort, Rodolphus did care about his only daughter Amber, as did Bellatrix. Rodolphus and Bellatrix had to lie in front of Voldemort and other death eaters about not caring about his daughter, as, had it been known, Death Eaters or Aurors might have used her to attempt to control the infamous couple. After Bellatrix died, Rodolphus gave all of Bellatrix belongings to their daughter. Bellatrix and Rodolphus kept the love for their daughter hidden especially in front of other death eaters.

After the war, Rodolphus began to get to know his daughter Amber. He gave the entire Lestrange Estate to Amber including the mansion, fortune and everything that came with her inheritance. Despite losing her mother, her father made sure that Amber knew Bellatrix did love their daughter in her own way. Despite subtly assisting the Order of the Phoenix during the Battle of Hogwarts, having been disillusioned and believing the Dark Wizards were going to far, Amber still mourned her mother after the battle, sitting in quiet grief as the Malfoy's comforted her. Despite this, Amber pined no blame of Molly Weasley, understanding that she had simply been a mother protecting her daughter.

Rodulphus called Amber his little princess and Bellatrix called Amber "My special girl" or "Mommy's little genius".

Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy[]


Her aunt and uncle raised her as their own but let her keep her birth name. She took on traits from them that made her stand out even more. She got their attention because she accomplished their high expectations.

Lucius Malfoy was strict with Amber's upbringing and employed the best private tutors for her early education. He was the one who noticed that his niece Amber was a genius and powerful witch, even when she was a baby. He put the money that Rodolphus Lestrange secretly gave him into a vault for Amber to use when she was an adult. He was the one who got the servants of Malfoy Manor to call Amber princess Lestrange because he saw her as the true heir of the Lestrange family.

Narcissa spoiled her niece just like she spoiled her son Draco and would not allow Amber to go far away to attend magic school. Narcissa gave Amber the best of what girls would want and that included a dress for the Tri-Wizard Tornament Ball.

Both Narcissa and Lucius loved Amber like a daughter, Narcissa betraying the dark lord after harry told her Amber and Draco were alive and Lucius and Narcissa both abandoning the battle to seek Draco and Amber out. After the battle, Narcissa and Lucius comforted Amber as she grieved for her slain mother, Lucius placing a comforting hand on Amber's shoulder.


Amber grew up living with Draco and his parents. Even though they were cousins, they often played together. They have shown to care about each other when tension was high or when Draco was ordered to kill Dumbledore. Amber and Draco fled with the Malfoys before Voldemort battled Harry Potter.

Draco and Amber get along pretty well. He even said if Amber changed her name to Malfy he wouldnt change his familial relationship with her. They are seen as both friends and family. He said Amber was the smartest and most gifted witch in all the families.


Delphi and Amber are half sisters cause they share the same mother. But they were raised apart and did not know the other existed. Rodolphus told Amber that she was the older sister. It had taken Amber no time at all to see Delphi as her sister despite having different fathers. While they havent met offically, Amber likes having a sister and doesnt think of the different father issue.

As sisters, they share many similiar traits which passed on from their mother to them. As for their traits from their fathers, can be difficult because Amber is a pureblood who recieved everything and Delphi was a half blood with an abusive adopted guardian figure. Despite Delphi being the daughter of the Dark Lord it was Amber who was treated as a princess. And even was called princess Lestrange.

Lord Voldemort[]

LordVoldemort pic.jpg

Her parents and family members served Lord Voldemort. Voldemort met Amber when she was born and was impressed. Calling her a true genius and worthy of her bloodline. Then he met her when she was sixteen and knew he was right about her.Amber didnt fight at the final battle but Voldemort did have plans for her future. He would place her with her parents and make sure she marry a pureblood warlock of Slytherin.


Amber's wand made for dark magic including the three curses.

Animagus and Patronus[]

Amber's patronus is of her wolf. She can take the form of a wolf at will as well, but can also change it to form a dragon patronus.