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Andreiko Nero Igorobravitch
Biographical information



2 May, 1998 (aged 38) Clock Tower Courtyard, Hogwarts Castle, Highlands, Scotland, Great Britain

Blood status


Physical description




Hair colour


Eye colour

Grey (Green in some adaptations)

Skin colour

So pale it "looked like the blood had been drained out of him"

Family information
Family members
  • Petroskoy Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Imran Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Zakhaev Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Drago Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Kradmire Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Kravchenko Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Koschei Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Faraon Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Karzhankov Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Ivanov Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Dima Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Dumah Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor )(disowned)
  • Dragorov Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Aliksandir Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor) (disowned)
  • Aleena Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor) (disowned)
  • Zahkaev Igorobravitch II (paternal ancestor)
  • Dragovich Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Vladimir Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Makarov Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Lenyna Igorobravitch (neé Neloyalnyy) (ancestor)
  • Reznov Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor) (Disowned)
  • Adinastasia Igorobravitch (neé Tchaikjenizyn) (ancestor) (Disowned, Not recognized to begin with)
  • Vladimarion Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • Ivankef Igorobravitch (paternal ancestor)
  • "Count" Moldimir Igorobravitch (paternal grandfather)
  • "Countess" Olgana Igorobravitch (nee Gordostarova) (paternal grandmother)
  • Vladeck Igorobravitch (father)
  • Ajmirsa Igorobravitch (nee Trandafiruscat) (Mother)
  • Mihaela Caecilius (nee Trandafiruscat) (maternal aunt)
  • Ionuţ Caecilius (maternal uncle)
Magical characteristics

11", Spruce, Dragon heartstrings



  • The Ancient and Noble House of Igorobravitch
  • The Ancient and Honorable House of Trandafiruscat
  • Durmstrang Institute
    • Dyr
  • Lord Voldemort
    • Death Eaters
"Don't be stupid Potter, you can't be serious. Here you and your foolish friends tries to stand against the Dark Lord and dare to DEFY HIM! You could not even use critical thinking of that vision the Dark Lord gave you! Give Lucius Malfoy the Prophecy now! Or I and the rest of us will kill any of you that tries to quote on quote save the day!"
—Andreiko Igorobravitch to Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Army in the Corridor of Prophecies

Andreiko Nero Igorobravitch (1960- 2 May 1998) was a Pure-blooded Death Eater from Romania. His parents were loyal members of the Alliance of Gellert Grindlewald who were imprisoned and died in Grindlewald's service respectively. He attended Durmstrang Institute in his youth, but was expelled in his last year for using the Cruciatus Curse on a fellow students named Jöns Borresen and Jillie Kristiansen. He later became wanted in the Wizarding Community for attempting to poison the Romanian Minister for Magic. Eventually, Andreiko, fuelled by his passion for the dark arts, his hatred of muggles and his desire for vengeance against the Aurors of the Wizarding World for his parents fates caused him to join Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters. Andreiko, like many Death Eaters, participated in the First Wizarding War and was responsible for some of the worst muggle killings, as well as the deaths of several Aurors. He was eventually captured by Alastor Moody, Remus Lupin and Markko Teräsinen while attempting to kill the son of Jillie Kristiansen and Alex John and was sentenced to Azkaban for life without a trail for the pain and suffering he had caused by Bartemius Crouch Snr, which even Sirius Black, who had a deep dislike of the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation for how he had subjected him to the same treatment approved. Andreiko later escaped with a group of Death Eaters and fought in several battles of the Second Wizarding War, including the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, the Battle of the Seven Potters and the Battle of Hogwarts, where he met his death.


Early Childhood[]

The crest of Andreiko's paternal family, the Igorobravitchs, a wizarding supremacy fanatic family

"This World is just...too small""
―Andreiko's thoughts on his life before or during learning about his true potential of his magic skills

Andreiko was born to Vladeck Igorobravitch and Ajmirsa Trandafiruscat and was raised to believe that his parents' families were practically royal and that Muggles were the scum of the earth. His father, Vladeck, was a Siberian wizard (and former dark wizard who was a follower of Gellert Grindelwald) who was sent to Azkaban for an attempt to find and free Grindelwald from Nurmengard when Andreiko was 5. Andreiko's Mother, Ajmirsa, was a Romanian witch who also believed that wizards are somehow morally superior to Muggles. When Andreiko was sixteen, his mother was sentenced to a Dementor's kiss for mercilessly killing Aurors and parts of their families such as spouses and children (probably to free Vladeck and continue with the mission to free Grindelwald). Andreiko only saw his father once after his arrest and saw his mother for the last time a month before her sentence was carried out. Soon afterwards, Ajmirsa's body died from lack of food, having lost the will to eat and live without her soul. Both his parents were the last members of their family to bare the Igorobravitch and Trandafiruscat names (Ajmirsa having continued to use her maternal name after her marriage) and left their families' vast wealths to Andreiko. The loss of his parents probably made Andreiko bitter, more sadistic and selfish than he already was, and it would probably push him into becoming a Death Eater (possibly one of the most feared ones as well). After his mother's imprisonment, Andreiko was raised by his mother's sister, Mihaela Caecilius (nee Trandafiruscat) and her husband, Ionuţ Caecilius, who treated him like their own son and educated him in the Dark Arts, having been silent supporters of Gellert Grindelwald themselves. At some point in his life Andreiko was able to channel his first magic and thus learned about his would be true potential. While he was learning about magic he got to learn that the Wizarding World is nothing more but a mere counterpart of each country, continent and land on earth and because of this Andreiko grew envious of the Muggles by the fact that Muggles in fact owned more land.

School Life[]

Andreiko Divination Class C early 1974-1975.PNG

Andreiko attended Durmstrang Institute when he came to the age of eleven, he was very skilled and talented at Dark Arts which caused him to become more and more reckless with such Powers, even gaining a lust for might especially after hearing about the tales of the Deathly Hallows and The Centre of All Magic. Before beginning his school years, Andreiko bought a 11¼ long Spruce wood with a Dragon Heartstring for a core from Mykew Gregorovitch.

However, during Andreiko's sixth before his last year at Durmstrang he got expelled due to an torture attempt and killing attempt on a the danish student Jöns and at a Norwegian Durmstrang girl Jillie. The most likely reasons why he tried to kill Jillie and Jöns was because that Jillie was in love with a muggle-born student from Hogwarts (aka Alex John) and sending love letters to him or due to his anger of what has happened both to his own mother and father, who's deaths left him alone in the world. Andreiko decided to attack her only to be stopped Jöns, who attempted to decided to defend Jillie. Angered, Andreiko went so far that he used a successful Cruciatus Curse at Jöns. However the Romanian student Gladok and his finnish friend Pekka Teräsinen together with the Bulgarian first year student Plamuk Ansem and the fifth year student Aleksi Kuumatar saw this and told the headmaster. The Headmaster of Durmstrang caught Andreiko, ended the curse on Jillie and Jöns and helped nurse them back to health before expelled Andreiko.

Life After School[]

Andreiko originally would have been invited to an hearing after the events in Durmstrang, however Andreiko refused to accept the invitation and decided to poison the Romanian Minister of Magic by putting scorpion venom in the Minister's tea, luckily (for the Romanian Ministry at least) the Minister survived. Andreiko Igorobravitch later was approached by Lord Voldemort due to his passion for power and the Dark Arts and his hatred for the Aurors (and possibly viewing Muggles as the source of all atrocities in the world), offering him rewards (probably such as getting some over the Power of The Centre of All Magic) and revenge on the Aurors for the suffering they had caused him. Andreiko's aunt and uncle were both supporters of the Death Eaters, but never joined them themselves and kept their loyalty hidden. Andreiko participated in many Death Eater schemes and was even promoted to be "Lieutenant" of the "Dark Arted" Death Eaters (as Belllatrix was the general of the Dark Arted Death Eaters).

Captured and Imprisonment[]

"Do not think it ends here...the history of light and shadow will be written in blood. It always has...it always will...this will not end..."
—Andreiko upon being disarmed and captured by Moody, Lupin and Teräsinen.

During the dawn of the year 1981, Andreiko heard that Jillie and Alex John had a baby, Ulf-Harald John, and as such he decided to take revenge on the young couple (and possibly to show the might of the Death Eaters) by attacking the young child during one night. However things did not go as planned as he was captured by Alastor Moody, Remus Lupin and Markko Teräsinen (the cousin of Pekka). There had been no doubt about the atrocities committed and so Andreiko was put away for life with no trial by Barty Crouch Snr, an action that even Sirius Black, who had been imprisoned with out a trial by Barty Crouch Snr too approved of. Andreiko then spent the next 14 years in his maximum security cell surrounded by Dementors, enduring his worst memories.


Andreiko escapes

Andreiko was intended to spend the rest of his life in Azkaban but he escaped in 1996 together with Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Antonin Dolohov, Augustus Rookwood, Tav Travers, Dirk Gibbon, Ambarage Mulciber, Mr and Mrs Snyde, Mr and Mrs Lee, Cassius Grey, Jonathan Crane and many other Death Eaters, after a mass Dementor revolt and re-joined his newly-returned master. Andreiko had several special magic abilities such as his ability to "tame" Dementors which made him very useful to recreating the horrors during the Second Wizarding War. These Death Eaters were considered to be some of the most dangerous and highly guarded convicts due to their crimes being brutal and legendary. As a result, Andreiko and his allies became wanted witches and wizards, living in hiding to avoid being captured by the Ministry.

Battle Of The Department of Mysteries[]

Andreiko, moments before taking off his mask

Andreiko accompanied Lucius Malfoy and the other Death Eaters on their assigned mission to the Department of Mysteries. When he, together with other Death Eaters surrounded the nine D.A. members, he sneeringly claimed how foolish Potter was for believing the illusion, telling him his guardian's really should have taught him the different between dreams and reality and revealed to Harry that he saw only what "the master" wanted him to see as he tears of his mask to reveal his face. Though he was enraged by Harry saying the Dark Lord's name, hissing in fury at Harry word or Voldemort being a half-blood and was only seconds from firing, he was stopped by Lucius Malfoy, who suggested to him to give Potter a moment to decide. Despite this, he was very condescending when dealing with the eight D.A. members and tried, unsuccessfully, to retrieve the prophecy from Harry Potter via a Summoning Charm, as his efforts were stopped by Harry's quick use of his own Shield Charm. As Harry and his freinds fled into the deeper areas, Lucius ordered Andreiko to remain in the hall in order to block their way, should they bypass the exits and return to the center. During the battle in the Dark Corridor of Prophecies, Andreiko flied after Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Arnold Jacksson, Ulf-Harald John and Neville Longbottom and tried to fire the Killing Curse at them only to be stopped and blasted away by Ginny, Luna and Ulf.

After the group entered the Death Chamber, Andreiko was summoned to battle and joined his fellow Death Eaters in erupting into the chamber via Umbra Flight and held Ulf at the wandpoint, pushing his wand hard enough to bite into Ulf's skin as Lucius threatened to have his Death Eaters kill Harry's friends, should he refuse to hand the Prophecy over to them. At the sound of this threat, Andreiko brightens up considerable, telling the Boy-Who-Lived that he and his fellows knew many ways to bring a long and painful death, gleefully twisting his wand deeper into Ulf's skin. Just then, Order of the Phoenix members Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks, Pekka and Markko Teräsinen, Donovar Crane, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Alastor Moody burst into the room and a huge fight instantly ensued, during which, Andreiko duels Remus Lupin before being forced into the air by the werewolf's superior duelling skills. As battle continues, Andreiko flew around the chamber, firing curses and hexes at the young heroes before meeting in combat with Ulf-Harald. Unfortunately, the young D.A. boy, skilled as he was, was still junior in front of Andreiko and is knocked into the side of the lowest tier of seats as Andreiko advances forwards, preparing to finish the defenceless boy of with a Killing Curse, only to be blasted away by Ginny, Leonard, Arnold and Luna. Giving a furious, snake-like hiss, Andreiko melts into smoke. Just then, Albus Dumbledore arrived through the same door the Order members had come through, his wand aloft and utter fury in every line of his face and charged right into the middle of the fray, as the first Death Eaters suddenly realised he was there. There was a roar of shock, and the Death Eaters instantly attempted to flee out of utter fear of duelling him. One Death Eater fled up the side of the chamber in such terror, but Dumbledore quickly intercepted him with a simple blocking Spell. Andreiko attempts to escape via the open door, but is caught by a strong Stunning Spell from Dumbledore, bringing him crashing down. Andreiko and his Death Eater fellows were captured (with the exception of Bellatrix), but, unlike the rest, Andreiko was kept in the Ministry for questioning. However, as the Aurors were escorting him to Azkaban, they are attacked by a squadron the Death Eaters, who had now come out into the open, who killed the entire guard and allowed Andreiko to escape.

Plot to Kill Albus Dumbledore[]

Andreiko participated to kill Albus Dumbledore, he attended several meetings about the subject. In one meeting Andreiko suggested to use the cursed necklace to kill Dumbledore. Andreiko participated in sending deadly objects to Hogwarts via the Vanishing Cabinet.

Death of Albus Dumbledore and the Battle of the Astronomy Tower[]

"When the time is right, we will make sure that all hope turned against you Potter, when the end of your precious headmaster is gone, forgotten, dead, destroyed all hope for your future and the future of your pathetic ignorant friends is lost in the darkest parts of oblivion, when we get to destroy your beloved headmaster then we will see how long you want to live a regular life and play the pacifist""
―Andreiko's message to Harry via a letter called "from your feared darkness's" a few months before Dumbledore's death

Andreiko joined in with Bellatrix, Fenrir, Rolf & Rufus Darkwood, Dirk Gibbon, Thorfinn Rowle and the Carrows via the Vanishing Cabinett to join Draco on his "final task" to truly become a Death Eater. Up in the Astronomy Tower Andreiko taunted Dumbledore how a fool he was for letting himself get disarmed by a young boy such as Draco, however his honouring of Draco turned into anger and frustration when Draco refused to use the Killing Curse and even decided to push Draco to cast the Killing Curse by using the Cruciatus Curse on the poor emotionally broken boy only to get stopped by Snape, who Andreiko respectfully steps away from as he enters. After the Death of Dumbledore, Andreiko mercilessly humiliated Harry on how everything has been turned against Harry and how powerless Harry is to change anything that had recently happened and did duel with Harry and Ginny a bit before being ordered by Snape to retreat away from Hogwarts in order to escape possible Auror ambush.

Despite complying to his leader's command, Andreiko still cannot stand escaping without giving Hogwarts "something to remember them by", striding along the Gryffindor House Table in celebration as he kicks asides cutlery and dishes aside. Finally, in insane celebratory outburst of the death of Albus Dumbledore, Andreiko casts the Reductor Curse at the enormous main windows, shattering the hall's windows and extinguished the floating candles in a rush of wind. However, alerted by the sound of running feet, Andreiko abandons his celebration, blasting the doors leading out of the castle and stunning John Dawlish, sending him flying down a flight of stairs.

As the Death Eaters escape across the ground, Andreiko tauntingly greets Hagrid as they approach the half-giant's hut and greets attempted to curse him, but his curses had no effect on Hagrid because of his Half-giant blood. However, just as Hagrid is about to attempt to fire a spell at the Death Eater, using his umbrella-wand,  Thorfinn Rowle sets the hut aflame, to Andreiko's whoops of savage, sadistic joy as he leaps up and down in delight, pelting Hagrid with insults as the gamekeeper turns back to rescue his dog Fang, who was inside. Just then, a spell shoots passed Andreiko, forcing him to leap aside with an undignified yelp. Turning with a snarl, Andreiko catches sight of Harry Potter, and, laughing maniacally, fires a Cruciatus Curse towards the boy, which Harry only just misses, only to be stopped by Severus Snape, who at the time was operating in his capacity as a double-agent in open support of Voldemort, who orders Andreiko to leave Harry Potter, who's death was to be only at their master's hands, which Andreiko obeys, running across grounds and Disapparating away with Alecto and Amycus Carrow, Thorfinn Rowle, Draco, Bellatrix and Snape.

Meeting at Malfoy Manor[]

Andreiko attended the meeting at Malfoy Manor with his fellow Death Eaters, sitting between Serena Tyranicus and Acrustus Undewood. He was impressed when Yaxley announced that he had placed Pius Thicknesse, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, under the Imperius Curse. He along with other Death Eaters, laughed when Voldemort insulted Bellatrix Lestrange and the Malfoy family, regarding Nymphadora Tonks marrying werewolf Remus Lupin and later on when a Squatrand Goyle remarks that, for once, the Order had been correct when Snape informs Voldemort of the Order's belief that the Death Eaters had infiltrated the Ministry and was highly impressed by Corban Yaxley's announcement that he had placed Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Pius Thicknesse under the Imperius Curse. The Dark Lord then questions Andreiko if their preparations for an attack on the Ministry were complete, which Andreiko replies in the positive, telling him that followers of the Death Eaters kept him, Bellatrix and the other Death Eater commanders well informed and informs him that their was yet no news of Order members near Number 4, Privet Drive, which he refers to as "the filthy Muggle home of the Potter boy".

Battle of Seven Potters[]

Andreiko participated in the Battle Over Little Whinging, during which he pursues Remus Lupin and George Weasley (the latter whom was disguised as Harry), alongside Severus Snape. As he prepares to fire the Fiendlightning Curse at them however, Severus Snape attempts to hit him with a Sectumsempra curse, attempting to slice of his hand. However, just as he fires, Andreiko raises him hand suddenly to deliver his curse, causing Snape's spell to slice of George's ear. This distracts Andreiko, however, causing him to stop mid-spell and causing the incomplete spell to fade to nothing.

Soon afterwards, the pursuers are joined by Voldemort, who quickly realized the Harry they are pursuing is not the real Boy-Who-Lived and, upon summoning four more Death Eaters, orders Andreiko to search Privet Drive for the Dursleys, who he hoped to use against Harry, Andreiko complies and, alongside Severus Snape, Rufus Darkwood, Serena Tyranicus, Thorfinn Rowle, the Caleb cousins: Sinsra, Elinora, Cruz and Vestia Kresif and Vladmir Menshikov, twist around and swoop towards Privet Drive. As the slip to the ground, Andreiko, wand already raised, sniffs the air and screams that he smelt Muggles and says they should tear the place down. Snape reminds Andreiko that he's gonna smell Muggles in the outside world. Andreiko calms down enough and fires the Bombarda Maxima charm at the door, blasting it off its hinges, which Snape reprimands, stating that unless Andreiko wanted the entire street on them, they should cast Silencing Charms, with Andreiko complies to. As they enter, Andreiko dispatches all the Death Eaters apart from Severus to search the house while he and Severus perused the main room. Catching a glimpse of Dudley, Andreiko sneering comments how "this ones ugly". As he walks down the hall, he absently crushes Dudley's knight set and destroys the door the cupboard underneath the stairs. However, his calm demeanor falls as the Death Eater report failure and he realizes that the Dursleys had been hidden by the Order, causing him to lash out, shattering and breaking nearly every window and door in the house, leaving it broken and crushed. As he and other Death Eaters exit, Andreiko sends the house into flames with a Ghoulfire Curse before he and his companions all send Slicing Curses and the house's support timbers, causing it to collapse in on itself.

Skirmish at Darkwood Tower[]

Andreiko Igorobravitch at somepoint spent some of his time in the Darkwood Tower together with Antonin Dolohov, Sir Caleb Darkwood, Rolf Darkwood, Rufus Darkwood, Ursula Darkwood, The Kresif Death Eaters and various masked Death Eaters, planning their next moves for the war effort, bragging about how the British Ministry of Magic is under their master´s control. During this time however, the Brass-Metal Trio (Ulf-Harald John, Arnold Jacksson and Leonard Switchwalk) had through their great efforts been able to find the Darkwood Tower and infiltrated the Death Eater base in hope to steal a Death Eater dossier containing information on how and which Death Eaters had infiltrated the Ministry of Magic, and how Corban Yaxley had used the Imperius Curse on Pius. Andreiko Igorobravitch and Sir Caleb Darkwood began to suspect that the Darkwood Tower had been infiltrated, two days after the Brass-Metal Trio had entered Darkwood Tower, when they started to hear occasional noises in the Dumbwaiters, the House-Elves being freed from slavery, several Death Eaters being knocked out or even tied up in closets and bathrooms and worst of all missing keys plus the use of Polyjuice potion. Andreiko managed to caught the Brass-Metal Trio red-handed when he and Dolohov saw the three Hogwarts students carrying the dossier and the two Death Eaters alerted the others and chased the Brass-Metal Trio. Andreiko in fury conjured Fiendfyre to chase the Hogwartians away, making the three drop the dossier (which burned up) and decided not to risk it to get it back.

Skirmish at Malfoy Manor[]

Andreiko accompanies Bellatrix on her trip to Malfoy Manor. As they walk up the gravel path to the Manor, Andreiko is startled by a sudden wrestling in the bushes, drawn his wand, only to relax as an Albino Peacock strutted onto the lawn, sneering that Lucius always indulged himself uselessly, which Bellatrix agrees to.

Bellatrix and Andreiko later come across Lucius, Draco and Narcissa attempting to distinguish if the three Fenrir Greyback and his Snatchers had captured. As Bellatrix and Lucius argue about who should have the honour of summoning the master, Andreiko silently draws his wand in case Lucius attempted anything. When Bellatrix spotted Godric Gryffindor's Sword amongst the trio's captured possessions, however, she at once flew into a panic because the sword (as far as she knew) was hidden in her vault and ordered the Snatcher holding the sword to hand it over to her and stunned the man when he refused. The other Snatchers turned on her at once, but even though it was four on two, they were no match for her and Andreiko and they quickly stunned three of them and Andreiko forced Greyback to his knees, demanding to know where he had found the sword. He then informed her that the sword had been found in the Trio's tent. She then took charge of the situation by resorting to torturing Hermione into revealing how the sword was in the Trio's possession and demanded that the rest of the prisoners be taken into the cellar temporarily, while ordering Andreiko to place the Stunned Snatchers in the courtyard to be disposed of by her personally at a later time. As he left, Andreiko lectured Hermione regarding siding with Harry Potter, a sworn enemy to the supreme master of Death Eaters. Andreiko mockingly asked Hermione about what chances does she think she has against the likes of him. When it was revealed that the Sword of Gryffindor was in possession of the heroes just like Bellatrix Igorobravitch was up in arms because he thought that the Vault of Lestrange has been raided. Andreiko continued lecture Hermione, calling her a filthy filthy rebel with muggle barbarian blood who deserve a rebel´s torture and death". Both Andreiko and Bellatrix continued the interrogation by subjecting Hermione with pain whether it be from the Cruciatus Curse or other methods of pain via magic. Ron shouted in fear of Hermione´s safety while Igorobravitch mocked the Weasley on how easy he "cracks up".

After fulfilling these orders, Andreiko returns and he and Bellatrix torture Hermione. Andreiko shoots a curious glance at Bellatrix, confused at the Dark witch's fear of Hermione being in her vault, but otherwise remains silent as Bellatrix interrogates Hermione, slashes across Griphook's face with a spell and kicks the goblin aside. The torture is then interrupted by Ron and Harry, Ron disarming Bellatrix, using Pettigrew's wand and Harry stunned Lucius and Andreiko, sending him stumbling. However he recovers and, alongside Bellatrix, threatens Hermione, pointing his wand at Hermione's heart as Bellatrix demanded that the prisoners drop their wands, and smiles in delight as Bellatrix pressed her Dark Mark, calling Voldemort.

Just then, however, a crystal chandelier loosened by Dobby comes crashing down, the vibrations of which causes an enormous brass gong to fly outwards into Andreiko's head, throwing him into a rosewood desk, which he smashes into, knocking him out and causing a large vase to fall over and cover his head, incapacitating him for the rest of the battle. Andreiko, Bellatrix and the Malfoys were severely punished by Voldemort for allowing Harry to escape, but Voldemort was much more lenient in his punishment with Bellatrix and Andreiko because of their past services.

Battle Of Hogwarts And Death[]

Andreiko was summoned to battle by his master with the rest of Voldemort's army and participated in the following battle, during which he killed Plamuk, Aleksi and Gladok. At one point during the battle he also killed Pekka's father and uncle. Andreiko was furious at the Carrow siblings for allowing themselves to be controlled by the Imperius Curse at the hands of Minerva Mcgonagall and only reluctantly cut the pair free. During the battle, he confronts Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood and is on the verge of killing Neville, only to be interrupted by a cry; "FOR HOGWARTS", whipping around to she the formerly disgraced D.A. member, Marietta Edgecombe, sprinting down a staircase to confront him. Letting lose a wild laughter, Andreiko calls Marietta a foolish girl as he prepares to kill her, only to be caught by a stunning spell in the back by Luna, which distracts him long enough for Marietta to send a blasting curse at him, throwing him of his feet and across the room, stunning him long enough for Marietta to help Luna and Neville escape.

Larer Andreiko managed to wound Alex John, father of Ulf and attempted to kill Alex only to be stopped by Ulf-Harald John who challenged Andreiko on a duel. Ulf was able to at first put up a great fight at first but was overpowered by Andreiko (probably also due to the fact because the sadness over Tonks death was still fresh in the young D.A´s mind). Andreiko attempted to kill Ulf only to be stopped by Maleksi, an old friend of Ulf. Andreiko retaliated by trying to hit Ulf with the Cruciatus Curse only for Maleksi to "take the bullet" for Ulf, making the man cry and shout in pain much to Ulf´s horror. Andreiko then proceeded to torture Maleksi even more with Fiendlightning Curse and then finished the Order man off with a Killing Curse. Andreiko sadistically mocked Ulf over the death of Maeksi, it was then Voldemort called his Death Eaters to the Forbidden Forest.

He retreated into the glades of the Forbidden Forest at Voldemort's summonings and where he was seen holding down Hagrid with several others. He later watched witnessed Voldemort attempting to kill Harry Potter with a Killing Curse and shot sparks of red and green into the sky in celebration and aided Bellatrix, Thorfinn Rowle and Antonin Dolohov in firing a enormous Dark Mark into the sky.

Andreiko standing behind the Malfoys (in between Lucius and Narcissa) in the Death Eater crowds

When Harry escaped from Hagrid´s arms and the Order of the Phoenix found the strength to continue the fight against Voldemort Andreiko tried to keep the "cowards" (Death Eaters who fled or defected Voldemort´s service) by using the Cruciatus Curse on them but managed to miss the Malfoys. Andreiko rushed with many other Death Eaters into the Castle trying to kill Ulf but Ulf using a special shield charm known as Asgardshield (learned from Markko Teräsinen) managed to fire back the Killing Curse only for Andreiko to dodge it and allowing another Death Eater take the hit (potentially one of the "cowards" that tried to flee and betray the master), the face of Igorobravitch did manage to get wounded by a unknown curse cast by Bellatrix that was deflected back by Ulf.

Andreiko met Ulf in combat one last time inside the Clocktower. Andreiko conjured a wall of Protego Diabolica to make sure no one would interviene. Andreiko fought with the most dishonor he could muster but despite his best efforts to fight dirty and foul Ulf Managed to dodge, parry, reflect and deflect and block every Curse, Hex, Fire, Lightning and Shadow Andreiko tried to fire at Ulf. At one point Andreiko used the summoning charm accio to summon a greatsword while Ulf summoned a short-sword and the both clashed in a intense sword fight combined with magic and steel. Andreiko tried to fire a curse at Ulf but to his suprise, the young boy now soon to be young man used his short-sword to parry the curse back at Andreiko and during the Death Eater´s moment of weakness Ulf slashed the chest of the Death Eater slightly. Akela also jumped over the Protego Diabolica to aid Ulf-Harald John. Andreiko was bitten deeply in the leg by the wolf and in retaliation tried to kill Akela...Only for Ulf to disarm Andreko´s wand and then the two combatants locked their blades and Ulf, with little he had together with Akela overpowered Igorobravitch before sending Andreiko into the ground. Andreiko was then struck in the shoulder by Ulf´s short-sword and cried out "Why! What are you waiting for! What is this, why are you sparing me just kill me if you are not going to let me heal and restore my pride! Are you not going to kill me!" to which Ulf responded that: "No, this is more than enough! This is a far more fitting fate for you, i can finally see for what you are Andreiko, you are a small man trying to be big by keeping everyone else down, yet despite your vile crimes i pity you, for i understand what turned you into a Death Eater, i feel bad for you despite everything, wounding your pride is more than enough for me to do, please Andreiko, go home and do no harm or "mischief" anymore! Goodbye" As Ulf was leaving the clocktower for the battle in the great hall Andreiko got up in anger trying to kill Ulf but was stopped by Markko Teräsinen and Pekka Teräsinen to which Andreiko commented that "Our story has come in full circle has it not?" (See Relationships for dialogue) and they took the battle to the clock tower courtyard

As the Battle of the Great Hall commenced, several duels outside the hall continued as friends and foes who had escaping the Entrance Hall, continuing to fight in the courtyards, walls and towers in and surrounding the Great Hall, and though the Death Eaters were fighting with the most gruesome of spells, they were no match for the combined efforts of the school's forces and the newly-replenished forces of the order. Within the divination area of the Clock Tower Courtyard Pekka Teräsinen and his cousin Markko dueled both their fathers' killer: the criminally insane death eater, Andreiko Igorobravitch. Andreiko, as usual, dueled very foully as he cast two Cruciatus Curses right at Pekka's face and chest, throwing him, jerking, into the wall violently, before beginning to inflicting Pekka with more torment from the Fiendlightning curse while, at the same time, violently wounding and injured Markko (both with Curses, Hexes or even non-magical physical harm) until he was weak enough for him to try to cast the Killing Curse at Markko, think in his arrogance that he was defenseless and had no chance of survival but to his surprise and anger Markko countered it with his last strength, defending him and his cousin with a Disarming Charm. Thus a beam of a Reverse Spell (Prior Incantato) combined with a frantic Stunning Spell (Stupefy) and (surprisingly) two Patronus Charms (Expecto Patronum) which took the forms of a Antipodean Opaleye dragon (Pekka) and a Sea Serpent (Markko) shone across the paved floor, causing Markko's father, Pekka's father and Andreiko's other battle of Hogwart's victims to appear, much to Igorobravitch's terror. Because of this, Andreiko decided to use the wandless Summoning Charm with his hand to get the closest wand from a nearby recently fallen Death Eater fellow that had been killed when the death eaters stormed the Great Hall in order to use another Cruciatus curse at his foe, Markko in order to weaken him and destroy the apparitions of his ruthless murders, discarding the 11" length, Spruce wood wand with shed Dragon heartstring for a core that had served him loyalty and faithful for his entire life without a second thought in replacement for a wand he hadn't earn't honorably only for that wand to be destroyed by Pekka who had risen up and intended to help his cousin by giving "some of Andreiko's own medicine". Andreiko got hit by an stray centaur's arrow in his left arm's lower clavicle of his shoulder (the very same shoulder where Ulf had used his shortsword) and later by the Vermillous Charm in his chest, a fire making spell in the face of his wounds and scars by Pekka (thus weakening Andreiko the same way as he has injured Pekka and Markko before) who then decided to combine his wand with his cousin's wand to make the strengthen the effects of the Disarming Charm thus the "orb" of the beams incantatem headed towards Andreiko who attempted to shoot a Killing Curse only for his curse to meet the two cousin's charm and to be smashed through and disarm Andreiko, throwing the wand into the air while still firing its murderous curse, now heading straight for its caster, who was both blasted by both his own Killing Curse and the Disarming Charm and hitting the ground,already stone dead. Andreiko died in complete disgrace and his death ended the Igorobravitch and Trandafiruscat family lines.

Personality And Traits[]

Andreiko was cunning and filled with lust for success and power and was incredibly foul towards his enemies, viewing himself to be above everyone else. Andreiko was also incredibly sadistic and showed no remorse for his own actions. Because of these types of traits it is possible that Andreiko was a sociopath or at least shared traits of one.

When failing missions or if the Death Eaters fail Andreiko would become extremely insidious and merciless, One example would be after The Battle of The Seven Potters, Caleb Kresif and his cousins and sister was going to look if the true Harry was still in Privet Drive 4, and when he was not Andreiko lost his temper and smashed multiple windows, blasted a several doors and destroyed Dudley's knight toys. It should also be noted that his fellow Death Eaters feared him as he was a madman bent on domination, even Lucius Malfoy admitted the brutality of Andreiko.

Andreiko had a strong hatred for Aurors due to his father and mother being sentenced by them.The reason why Andreiko hated muggles was mostly because of jealousy, he hated the fact that wizards are only able to rule the magical counterparts of each country and not both counterparts while the muggles had more landscape, causing atrocities in the world such as both World Wars (or other wars and conflicts) and by that he claims his actions are justified as its only to bring justice for his dead parents and punish the muggles for their "barbarism" seemingly refuses to acknowledge the fact that almost all of the victims in said wars were muggles or the fact that there were muggles who fought for the right reasons and even trying to stop their fellow muggle tyrants, considering it to be a "insignificant detail".

When Andreiko was young and was a student at Durmstrang he was very arrogant, boastful, cunning and mean spirited and always was obsessed with the dark arts, which was eventually too evil for even Durmstrang.

One of the Cursed Child Timelines[]

In one Alternate Timeline caused by Scorpius and Albus meddling with the Time Turners, Andreiko Igorobravitch decided to make a "truce" with one the rebels, with no other than Ulf-Harald John, his hated nemesis in order to Usurp the title of the Dark Lord and gain the Elder Wand for himself. The basis of the truce went something along those lines of "nobody attacks the other until the Elder Wand is in the hands of someone else" to which Ulf-Harald reluctantly agrees to (in desperate hope to destroy Voldemort once and for all). Andreiko & Ulf together destroys as many horcruxes they possibly can before they are content with taking on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Voldemort, genuinely at loss for words when one of his most trusted commanders are planning to usurp the title of Dark Lord. Andreiko and his hated nemesis Ulf-Harald John duels and battles with Voldemort for three straight and sleepless days. While Ulf-Harald, much to Andreiko´s relief perishes in the fight, Voldemort on the other hand is at the very least disembodied once more by Andreiko thanks to the time that was given. Andreiko Nero Igorobravitch managed to claim the Elder Wand and Usurp Voldemort´s position of power, manages to create 7 Horcruxes on his own and claim Durmstrang castle as his own main base of operations, enslaving or outright murdering the students and teachers of the said school. Andreiko, through acts of manipulation and what not, divided the Muggle world into chaos in order to use the "muggle barbarism" as an excuse to incite a great war against the Muggle World. Andreiko with an entire army of undeath, Death Eaters and dementors utterly destroyed the Statue of Secrecy by revealing themselves in the open and destroying great and known muggle cities with "rivers" of fiendfyre and with the power of the Elder Wand made meteorites strike down buildings. By proxy and through Muggle point of view, Andreiko caused the third world war, starting a world war, something otherwise he (Igorobravitch) had codemned in order to rebuke Muggles and make his points on why Muggles are nothing but barbarians who deserve to be punished and give up their lands to the "obviously superior wizards". During the war the entire world as whole was divided, Muggles who appreciated the help of wizards to defeat Igorobravitch but also Muggles who wanted to rid of world of both wizards and Andreiko Igorobravitch as whole. Luckily, this timeline was deleted and erased from existance when Scorpius Malfoy restored the main timeline and stopped Delphini´s corruption of the timelines.

It is unknown what timeline it was, it is believed that it either was the timeline where Snape, Hermione and Ron sacrifices themselves to the Dementors or a another (unmentioned) timeline that Scorpius passed through before it was erased thanks to the efforts of Scorpius.

Magical abilities and Skills[]

Andreiko was a highly powerful and dangerous Death Eater. His immense magical skills allowed him to go up against and defeat many powerful wizards and witches, including many Aurors and Order of the Phoenix members.

  • Dark Arts: Being a sadistic Death Eater, Andreiko was highly proficient and talented in dark magic and the casting of dark charms, making him a formidable Dark Wizard. Andreiko could cast the Unforgivable Curses (which require ability and genuine malice to perform)
  • Umbra Flight/Shadow Flight: Like all death eaters, Andreiko had the ability to fly without the aid of a broom.
  • Duelling: Andreiko was an extremely skilful duellist, highly proficient in martial magic and was one of the most dangerous and feared Death Eaters. However, Andreiko died in a duel, due to his own arrogance. His skill in dueling was however mostly due to the fact that Andreiko dueled without honor and used foul tactics that were even foul and dishonorable even by Death Eater standards.
  • Apparition: Andreiko possessed the ability to teleport with Magic and could silently apparate, which often aided him in battle.
  • Spell Creation: Andreiko was known creating a few deadly curses like the Phantom Pain curse.
  • Transfiguration: Andreiko was able to conjure ropes from his wand, which implied he was highly proficient in this notably complicated branch of magic, as conjuration is an advanced form of transfiguration.
  • Charms: Andreiko appeared to be skilled with charms, as he was able to cast the Summoning Charm in a failed attempt to get the prophecy from Harry Potter in 1996
  • Dementor Taming: He had the ability to take control over dementors, which he used to aid his master in convincing the Dementors over to the dark side.




Despite his many atrocities, Andreiko displayed a deep love for his mother and father. In fact his hatred for muggles and aurors steamed from his parents fates, loathing Aurors for taking away his parents and leaving him alone in the world. However, while his parents supported Grindelwald and his wizarding supremacy views, which emphasized the ascendancy of wizards in general rather than their bloodlines and portraited muggles as lesser being, Andreiko took their beliefs to a higher level and took on the view that all those not of entire wizarding blood were scum.

Tom Riddle, his master

Lord Voldemort[]

Andreiko was one of Voldemort's advanced warriors. Voldemort gave Andreiko rewards and also promised him revenge against the Aurors and because of this, he showed loyalty to Voldemort. However, Andreiko's loyalty to Voldemort steamed mainly because he saw Voldemort as someone who would give him power and revenge for his parents and by that would have no doubt he would have tried to usurp the Dark Lord is the moment was right. Despite this, he obeyed his master's instructions without question and was ready to go to Azkaban for him. When Voldemort spoke of how Charity Burbage supported Muggle rights and would permit breeding with them, Andreiko smiled in a confused fashion as if he literally thought that the idea of doing such a thing was disgusting, showing that he, like most other Death Eaters, hated Muggles, Muggle-borns and most likely people who were half-bloods and blood traitors. Ironically, however, his master was in fact half-blood. It is not mentioned if Andreiko knew or not about Voldemort's true blood status.

Bellatrix Lestrange[]

Bellatrix Lestrange, his superior

Andreiko showed huge respect for fellow devoted Death Eaters like Bellatrix and her husband, referring to them as "Lord and Lady Lestrange". Despite being much younger than Bellatrix, Andreiko stated that if Bellatrix was not married, he would have taken Bellatrix as his bride and partner in life. Andreiko acted timid in Bellatrix's presence and obeyed the Death Eaters' second-in-lord's orders without question and, though he was curious when Bellatrix questioned Hermione about what else she might have taken from her vault, did not question her. It is also implied that Andreiko indirectly had a part in the attack on the Longbottoms, even if Igorobravitch himself did not attend the attack of the Longbottom family, it is said that he gave directions to Bellatrix Lestrange via a letter, because it is unknown when the exact date of the torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom took place and if Andreiko was already imprisioned in Azkaban it would imply that somehow smuggled out a Letter to the Lestranges and Crouch.


Harry Potter[]

Even if he never knew Harry as Lucius did, he did know some stuff about him, he viewed Harry as a "foolish kid who thinks its so easy to be an 'hero'". Andreiko, despite his apparent skepticism, still despised The-Boy-Who-Lived, seeing Harry Potter as his master's most hated enemy and despised him for the inexplicable threat he posed to the Dark Lord, wanting him dead very badly. He thought of him as someone lesser than himself due to his status as a half-blood and for having less experience than him. Andreiko taunted Harry over the Death of Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black

Ulf-Harald John[]

"Scum of a Half-Blood! That was only dumb luck!"
—Andreiko in the Death Chamber during the Battle of Mysteries to Ulf after being hit in the chest with Expeliarmus during their duel

Ulf-Harald John, his hated nemesis

Andreiko tried to kill Ulf when he was just a kid but was stopped by Remus, Markko and Moody and taken to Azkaban. Many years later Andreiko managed to escape the prison together with Bellatrix, Dolohov and many others and met Ulf in the Ministry of Magic during the Death Eaters illegal break-in. Andreiko hated Ulf as he viewed him as the reason why he "rotted" in Azkaban for so many years. They both battled many times during the Battle of the Department of the Mysteries and eventually in the Battle of Hogwarts, although it was not Ulf who finally brought the sadistic Death Eater down, Ulf did manage to scar Andreiko by reflecting a curse casted by Bellatrix Lestrange using a spell that was taught by Markko Teräsinen and cause other wounds on Andreiko which would be used against the said Death Eater during his last stand against Markko and Pekka Teräsinen which eventually would lead Igorobravitch to his fall and demise. Andreiko Igorobravitch also took pleasure in torturing and killing Maleksi, an old family friend of Ulf in front of Ulf´s eyes during the Battle of Hogwarts. Essentialy, in a sense, Andreiko was to Ulf-Harald John what Bellatrix Lestrange was to Neville Longbottom and to a degree what Lord Voldemort was to Harry Potter

Severus Snape[]

Andreiko, like so many other Death Eaters, regarded Severus Snape in a mixture of awe, respect and fear and, despite his arrogant personality, he obeyed Snape's orders without question. He and Snape worked well together, pursing George Weasley and Remus Lupin in the Battle of the Seven Potters, during Snape attempted to cast the Sectumsempra curse on Andreiko, who had his wand pointed at Remus' back. Unlike Bellatrix, Andreiko never had any doubts to where Snape's loyalties lay and would not live long enough to have his belief proven wrong.

Ron Weasley, an enemy

Ron Weasley[]

Andreiko considered Ron to be a sniveling weakling undeserving of magical blood and made fun of him for "cracking up" when Bellatrix harmed Hermione at Malfoy Manor stating that it is nice to know Weasley crack easily. He loathed the Weasleys', seeing them as one of the "cowardly families who were not answering the cries of vengeance from the spirits of their family that had been accused of wizards and witches during the Salem Witch Trials in the 17th century". He also taunts Ron about how it looked like Hogwarts would soon been "weaselly Weasley free-zone).

Hermione Granger[]

"I have a funny assumption about you, me or Lady Lestrange here could use Cruciatus Curse on you, tear and smash your limbs into pieces all day and you would still find a way to try "bite back" if that's a description I may use"
―Andreiko's dark words to Hermione in Malfoy Manor

Hermione and Andreiko met twice in their lives, once in the Department of Mysteries, once at Malfoy Manor. Andreiko, a Death Eater and radical pure-blood supremacist, hated Hermione simply for her muggle heritage, as well as for her actions against Igorobravitch's master. At Malfoy Manor Igorobravitch lectured Hermione of her being guilty of siding with The Dark Lord's sworn enemy, having the blood of "filthy muggle barbarians" and deserves "a rebel's torment and death" and together with Bellatrix decided to make an example of her for her "stupidity" when they started to interrogate the girl. Their torturing was interrupted however, by Hermione's allies.

Fenrir Greyback[]

Aside from the incident at Malfoy Manor during 1998, Andreiko was rather fond of Fenrir (though this was more due to the fact that Fenrir was an respectable and valued ally of the Death Eaters and had a respectable rank and powers that is useful to the Death Eaters just as Igorobravitch would view any other creatures or beings that would join his and Voldemort´s cause) and could (albeit just a bit) relate to Fenrir. Still, Andreiko was not above of yelling, bossing and ordering around Fenrir.

Death Eaters[]

Andreiko viewed Death Eaters of lower ranks as expandable and did not hesitate to punish them or their families should they fail the Dark Lord or even him either with execution via Avada Kedavra or harm via the Cruciatus Curse, including their children and infants (including unborn children), some of the children would meet similiar fates like Frank and Alice Longbottom sometimes even without the permission of Lord Voldemort which if Voldemort was to found out would even question his commander Andreiko and his actions. This made Andreiko´s fellow Death Eaters fear him. Andreiko however treated Death Eaters of equal or superior ranks or even sometimes of superior powers as his equals. Andreiko´s treatment of Death Eaters of lower rank also applied to Aurors and their families

Markko & Pekka Teräsinen[]

Andreiko Igorobravitch: Our story has come in full circle has it not? Pekka and Markko...
Pekka Teräsinen: Except ours' will continue not yours. This is where this ends.
Andreiko Igorobravitch: Ha! Such a bold statement, your fathers may have put up a decent fight...all for nothing, they knew that they could not possibly have won yet they decided to sacrifice themselves for Hogwarts from me and my master´s grasp... I will finish you like I finished both of your fathers, especially you, Markko as you are the godfather of that pathetic weakling Ulf. I shall destroy you and then I shall kill Ulf's insignificant wolf, his father and mother and break him to despair just how the Death of that insignificant Sirius left the Boy-Who-Lived in despair before I choke the life out of Ulf! THAT IS MY DESTINY!"
Markko Teräsinen: Funny how you talk lowly of them now when they are gone while they had more honor than you ever had, want to you know why? Then ask yourself this: What is it you take life for Igorobravitch? What value do you hold lives of your fellow man? Are you willing to hold your own life to the same standards of the ones you tortured and murdered? If not then there you have the difference.Son of a bitch bastard, you are going to pay for murdering my father and Pekka's and you are not going to touch my godson or my friends! Only two of us three are going to stay alive after this confrontation and by God mark my words it will not be you Igorobravitch! Mark my words! *turns to Pekka* Together cousin? FOR OUR BLOODLINE! FOR THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX! FOR THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE NORTH!
—Andreiko facing Markko and Pekka Teräsinen at the ending of the Battle of Hogwarts

Markko Teräsinen, godfather of Ulf-Harald John and Pekka Teräsinen (cousin of Markko) were enemies of Andreiko Igorobravitch. The Teräsinen cousins have had an impact on Andreiko´s life and the same thing is true the other way around. Pekka Teräsinen, a Pureblood finn attended the same class as Andreiko Igorobravitch at Durmstrang Institute, who alongside other Romanian Classmate Gladok Atanasiu and two younger students known as Aleksi Kuumatar and Plamuk Ansem exposed Andreiko Igorobravitch for using the Cruciatus Curse at Jillie and Jöns which led to the future Death Eater´s expulsion from Durmstrang Institute. During the first Wizarding War Pekka feared for his life, fearing Andreiko´s potential wrath and hid in the attic at his paternal grandparents house, something a couple of years later he regretted and made it up by joining the reborn Order of the Phoenix in 1995. Ever since their school years, both of them expressed dislike for each other. Pekka expressed dislike & distaste for Andreiko´s obsessions with the Dark Arts as seen in the Dark Arts class how Andreiko obsessively practiced the Dark Arts with glee and took his practices to extreme, enjoying destroying the test bricks for the class and, at worst even went too far with targetting an innocent hedgehog with the Dark Arts at the recess break. Andreiko in turn disliked Pekka, for his opposition to taking passion for the Dark Arts to the extreme. Andreiko´s dsilike for Pekka would later turn to hatred many years later.

Markko Teräsinen, a Half-Blood finn, who unlike his cousin attended Middgardvalla School of Magic and Charms (a secondary School in Northern Europe that took students from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Finland and Unlike Durmstrang allowed non-Pure-Bloods and did not practice Dark Arts) was the Godfather of Ulf and together with Alastor Moody and Remus Lupin captured Andreiko Igorobravitch while protecting Ulf from Igorobravitch. While it is not confirmed and it is unknown that its true, it is possible that Markko Teräsinen had a pregnant wife during the First Wizarding War (prior to 1981) who died with the unborn child at the hands of a attack from the Death Eaters that was orchestrated by Andreiko Igorobravitch.

During the Battle of Hogwarts Andreiko murdered Janne Teräsinen (Father of Markko and Uncle of Pekka) and Matti Teräsinen (Father of Pekka and Uncle of Markko) and also three childhood and school friends of Pekka (Gladok, Aleksi and Plamuk) which left the Teräsinen cousins in disbelief and grief. Andreiko Igorobravitch was eventually defeated and slain by the Teräsinen cousins at the Clock Tower Cortyard and thus the Teräsinen Cousins not only avenged both of their fathers but also all others whom have suffered and been murdered at the hands of Andreiko.

Remus Lupin[]

Neville Longbottom[]

"Your parents were weak! The reason for their "misfortune" was because they refused to stay out of our affairs! If your parents were not such muggle barbarian-apologist idiots and had the common decency of not getting in our ways they would have been fine!"
—Andreiko to Neville Longbottom, cruelly condescending to him regarding the fates of the parents of the Longbottom

While Andreiko never directly participated in the torturing of the Longbottoms, it is implied that he did however, set these things in motion. Andreiko, whether he was imprisoned or not prior and during the events of the torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom did sent a letter to the Lestrange Death Eaters and Barty Crouch Jr regarding the Longbottom family's whereabouts. At the Battle of Department of Mysteries Andreiko cruelly condescended to Neville Longbottom on how (according to the sadistic Death Eater) it was Frank and Alice Longbottom's own fault for their cruel fates because the two Auror couples did not stay out of the affairs of the Death Eaters. Andreiko hated the Longbottom Aurors because to him, not only were they Aurors but also because to him they were "muggle-barbarian apologists".

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