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Auror Office

Great Britain

Rufus Scrimgeour (?-1996)

Gawain Robards (1996-?)

Servilia Crouch (1997-2001)

Savage (2001-2007)

Harry Potter (2007-?)


Great Britain: Level 2, British Ministry of Magic Headquarters, Whitehall, London, England, Great Britain
USA: Magical Congress of the United States of America, Woolworth Building, New York, British Ministry of Magic Headquarters of America
France: French Ministry of Magic Headquarters, Place de Furstemberg, Paris, France


To protect the wizarding world from the Dark Arts and those who practice them
Maintain the International Statute of Secrecy

  • British Ministry of Magic
    • Department of Magical Law Enforcement
      • British Auror Office
        • Investigation Department
  • Magical Congress of the United States of America
    • Department of Magical Law Enforcement
      • Department of Aurors
        • Major Investigation Department
  • French Ministry of Magic
    • Bureau de la Justice Magique
      • Bureau des Aurors

Dark wizards and witches
■ The Dragon Lord
■ Death Eaters
■ Lord Voldemort

Behind the scenes

The Auror Office serves as the headquarters of Aurors of the Wizarding world.


The British Auror Headquarters are located on Level Two of the Ministry of Magic. It consists of a series of open cubicles, each Auror being given a place to work. Pictures of known Dark Wizards, maps, clippings from the Daily Prophet, and various other things line the cubicles.

Known Aurors[]

Heads of the Auror Office[]


Second Global Wizarding War[]

After it was revealed that the Death Eaters were not an British pure-blood supremacist group lead by Voldemort, but rather a worldwide wizarding organisation lead by the Dragon Lord who were dedicated to exposing the magical worlds. The trustworthiness of the Aurors begin being placed in question for this period, as Death Eaters were certainly planted within their ranks and the heroes knew that any mentioning of free Death Eaters could result in the remaining British Death Eaters taking arms. The captured Azkaban Death Eaters were subsequently transferred to a giant-built maximum-security prison called The Abyss, and, after all free Death Eaters in Britain, Ireland and Fynglade were tricked into uprooting themselves, the Auror Office (now free of the dark implantation) was called upon with the Rashalan Elf army to await outside the Abyss to transfer the Death Eaters, who the trio planned to knock unconscious with Treacle Root, into the prison. Though the mission ended with the heartbreak tragedy of the death of King Asygul, the Death Eaters were still imprisoned, dragged by the Elf and Auror forces into the prison to live out the rest of their lives behind bars. However, the war had just begun and was now worldwide as the Second Global Wizarding War began.

During the 2000s and throughout the entirety of the war, many Aurors all over the world were involved in the effort to put an end to the Lord of Dragons's seemingly unstoppable rise to power as the revolutionary endeavours of he and his armies became increasingly aggressive and led to a number of much publicised attacks, and worked together with each other to track down the Dragon Lord. They also co-operated with the International Wizarding Police to accomplish this.

By 2003, numerous Aurors had already fought and killed many of his followers, but also suffered losses in the conflict as well, with a number of Aurors having been killed in duels with The Dragon Lord himself. An example of these battles include a group of five who were sent to attempt to investigate a chateau were the Dragon Lord was rumored to have been seen. However, as they arrived, all five Aurors were suddenly and violently killed in an shockwave explosion created by the Dragon Lord. The Dragon Lord's charisma, silver-tongue and idealism also led some Aurors to become seduced by what he stood for and to become supporters of him as well. His Death Eaters also infiltrated multiple Ministries and turned more to their side. The violent actions some of the leading Law Enforcement officials were permitting Aurors to take out against Death Eaters and even their sympathisers resulted in a growing anti-Auror sentiment that only grew as more and more developed sympathises for the Dragon Lord's side in the wake of the savageries Aurors were employing, with the Dark Lord telling his supporters that it was law enforcement that was truly violent, not he.