Bowy elf

Head of Kitchens

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Dark (like beans)

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Family information
Family members
  • Mother †
  • Grandmother †
  • House-elf to Rookwood family (? - prior 18 June,1996)
  • Hogwarts kitchens worker

Bowy is a house-elf head the kitchens of Hogwarts castle. For many years, he and his entire bloodline served the Rookwood family. Meanwhile, Bowy had been punished by Augustus Rookwood, his owner for some reason, presented him with clothes. Then Bowy was welcomed by Albus Dumbledore who gave him employment in the school kitchen.


Working as Head of the kitchensEdit

GF Kitchens

Hogwarts Kitchens.

Bowy comes with great zeal and your kitchen does not like humans to take it without permissions, so he asked to Servilia Crouch to restrict the passage of students. For this reason, Bowy has a reputation for being grumpy.

A Free Elf and supporting the S.P.E.WEdit

After becoming free, Bowy began his work in kitchens where approached Dobby, Winky and Kreacher, the latter of which Bowy never knew what to say. After Dobby's death and the visit of a group of students who tormented him, Bowy joined on the S.P.E.W along with Winky, though he is afraid that the other house-elves find out and he'll lose his respect and reputation. Even if you still like to work tirelessly as any house-elf, Bowy is very proud of themselves and do not punish because of more human and defends new labor regimes for the elves. He approached Albus Potter and both became friends. Bowy had made a great breakfast as a Christmas gift for Albus and won a pair of fancy socks, witch Isaac Prewett lost, and that Albus had given him as a gift.