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Cassius Bell
Biographical information

Prior to 1985

Physical description

Human (Wizard)



Hair colour

Dark brown

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Charlie Bell (older brother)
  • Mrs Bell (sister-in-law)
  • Bell (presumed relative)
  • Bell Family
Magical characteristics

Unknown length, wood and core


Auror (formerly)
Member of the Death Eaters

  • Bell Family
  • Department of Magical Law Enforcement (formerly)
    • Auror Office (formerly)
      • Harry Potter (formerly)
  • The Dragon Lord
    • Death Eaters

Cassius Bell was a wizard and Auror who lived in the early 21th century who eventually joined the Dark Wizard, The Dragon Lord, and his dark army of Death Eaters.


Early life[]

Cassius Bell was presumably born at some point prior to 1985 into the Bell family as the younger brother of Charlie Bell. Eventually, Cassius became an Auror at some point after his seventeenth birthday, though it is unclear which wizarding government he served.

Second Global wizarding war[]

In 2003, Cassius Bell was part of the group of Aurors, led by British Auror Office Head Harry Potter, who attempted to break up a rally held by the dark wizard The Dragon Lord, true master of the Death Eaters, in the Lestrange Mausoleum in the Parisian cemetery Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Before entering the mausoleum, Potter ordered his men to go easy on the crowd and use minimal, if any, force of the gathering followers, reminding them it was not illegal to simply listen to their enemy's speech. The group then marched inside, with Bell close behind Potter, ducking into the entrance.

Upon entering the sunken auditorium like space in which The Dragon Lord was addressing his supporters, Bell and the other Aurors silently spread out along the wall of the chamber's upper most level behind the backs of Isaac's acolytes and supporters just as the apparition the Dragon Lord had conjured of a third Muggle World War, more bloody that they last, and goes on to detail the true enemy of magickind to be the barbarity, power-lust and arrogance of such Muggles and stokes the fires of fear that had plagued the Wizarding Community since World War ll. The dark wizard spotted the group's arrival and invited them to come closer and join them, revealing themselves to the crowd. Bell looked around at the other Aurors in shock upon hearing this, but Potter, seeing no other choice, begins making his way down one of the stairways in the auditorium toward the Lord of Dragons after delivering the order for no force to be taken, and Bell followed suit, descending first down a separate stairway with his wand drawn as the attendees turn towards him, many with expressions of hostility and anger and a wave of quiet, unsettled murmurs and jeers ripple through the crowd, many individuals turning contemptuous gazes at the new arrivals.

As the group moved forward, Bell, anxious of the crowd's hatred, locks gazes with a young, red-haired audience member. The Dragon Lord riled the crowd against the Aurors, prompting the young witch to attempt an attack Cassius. The Auror, already anxious from the obvious open hostility directed towards him and his cohorts, defended himself instinctively with the Killing Curse, immediately killing his assailant and causing the crowd in the auditorium to cry out in shock, horror, grief and rage at the sight of an innocent life snuffed out and thousands to draw their wands to strike. As they moved in around him, wands at the ready to fire, Cassius panicked and stumbled back up the stairway away from the witch's corpse. The Dragon Lord then approached the woman's body and told his supporters to Apparate away and spread the word that it was law enforcement who was violent, not he. After the crowd had escaped, The Dragon Lord created a ring of dark magical fire around himself that only his loyal followers could pass through unharmed.

Harry gave the order to attack as The Lord of Dragon's Death Eater followers escaped into the circle of fire and Apparated away (bar Darkness, who remained by her husband/master's side). The Dark Wizard then began manipulating the blue flames to lash out at the attacking Aurors, killing many of them as they attempt to escape while extending the offer towards the Dark Wizard catchers to pledge their eternal allegiance to him and join him in the circle, stating how it was only their that the witches and wizards would know freedom and themselves. Bell watched the flame kill two Aurors as they attempted to apparate away, then turned calmly toward The Dragon Lord's ring of fire and descended towards it, loosing his head completely, Cassius, alongside several dozen others, rush through the flames, disapparating away, indicating Bell's change in allegiance. The Dragon Lord ultimately escaped, leaving his foes to battle the flame, which he had left to destroy Paris.

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Auror skills: As an Auror, Bell would have been highly accomplished and trained in the skills required needed for this career, in particular with offensive and defensive magic. He was most likely skilled in Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology and Charms, all of which were required to be part of the elite.
  • Dark Arts: Bell was capable of casting the Killing Curse nonverbally and proficiently, an Unforgivable Curse which required a high amount of magical skill and determination to perform.
  • Apparation: Cassius, like most adult wizards, could apparate and disapparate at will, disapparating from the Lestrange Mausoleum after shifting his loyalties to the Dragon Lord.