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Cedrella Black is the mother of Arthur Weasley, Mother-in-law of Molly Weasley, grandmother to Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny Weasley. Her husband is Septimus Weasley.


  • Horace Slughorn claimed that the Blacks were almost exclusively sorted into Slytherin House, thus Cedrella might be considered an example of a "good Slytherin" for her non-biased views about blood purity.
    • Cedrella's status as a Slytherin renders Ron's came that his entire family had been Gryffindors untrue, although it is possible that he did not know his parental grandmother's true house or was simply referring to his parents and siblings, and not the entire Weasley Family.
  • Cedrella’s older sister Callidora Longbottom was born in 1915, and her younger sister Charis Crouch was born in 1919, so Cedrella must have been born sometime between late 1915 and early 1919.
  • Cedrella had three sons. One of them was Arthur, and is possible that another one was Bilius.
  • On the family tree, Cedrella is depicted next to her sisters. She looks similar to her great-aunt Iola, who was likewise disowned due to her marriage.
  • Cedrella is similar to Andromeda Tonks, who, like Cedrella, was the middle of three daughters and married against her family's wishes while her elder and younger sisters made "respectable" pureblood marriages.
  • After being disowned by the family, Cedrella Black was still seen and loved by her parents and sisters. Something very unusual in the Black Family.