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Dylan Samuel Whiteman
Biographical information

December 14, 1981

Blood status



Quidditch Captain

Physical description






Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Carrie Whitman (mother)
  • Gerret Whitman (father)
Magical characteristics

Pine wood, flexible, unicorn hair core, 6 inches





  • Whiteman family
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    • Ravenclaw
      • Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
    • Dumbledore's Army
      • Albus Dumbledore
      • Harry Potter

Dylan Whiteman is a 17 year-old half-blood wizard at Hogwarts. He is in Ravenclaw House.


Dylan Samuel Whiteman was born on December 14, 1981 to Gerret Whitman who was a muggle and Carrie Millmore, a half-blooded witch. Dylan grew up in London were he attended a muggle elemetary school. He got A's in all his subjects at the muggle school. He also developed a love for books. On his 9th birthday Dylan got a video camera. He was instantly attatched and filmed almost everything he did. His muggle friend named Lawrence would help Dylan make funny videos. Then Dylan turned 11, one night when he was eating dinner a owl flew in and landed on Mrs.Whitman's steak dinner. It dropped the letter in the middle of the table. On the envelope it read Dylan Whitman. Dylan snatched the letter and ran to his room ignoring his parents shouts. The letter told him about Hogwarts and that he was a wizard. Later he showed the letter to his parents, Mr.Whitman looked like he was about to faint but Mrs. Whitman smiled and told Dylan that his grandfather Richard was a wizard and that she couldn't believe he was too. When aboard the Hogwarts Express Dylan met his best friend, Marie Sawyer. Marie had read all kinds of books he hadn't about magic and Quidditch. He was facinated when she told him about Quidditch. At Hogwarts Dylan watched as Marie got sorted into Ravenclaw. When it was his turn the sorting hat told him that he would make a great Hufflepuff because of his hard work but then shouted "Ravenclaw!". Dylan was thrilled to be in Ravenclaw with Marie and all the other kids who liked books. One day  he ran into Phoenix Greene who teased him about being a Muggleborn. But Dylan didn't care and he was proud to be a muggleborn. In his third year at Hogwarts Marie covinced him to try out for the Ravenclaw quidditch team with her. Dylan agreed to try out for the only position he ever really studied, the seeker. Him and Marie made the team and both of them were very happy. But in Dylan's 4th year the team captain graduated and Dylan was voted to be the new one. The first game with Dylan's new strategy against Hufflepuff was a success. At the end of the game Marie gave him a big hug and told him that he was  awesome and a great leader. He developed a crush on her and still likes her today.


Dylan is a huge bookworm and has read a good amount of books. He is also a very hard worker and never gives up on anything. Though he has got a tendency to snap sometimes when he is annoyed or under a lot of presure. Dylan usually can be found reading a book, studying hard, making quidditch stratagies, and making short videos on his camera starring him and Marie.


Dylan has nicely cut brown hair, brown eyes, and is 6'0. He is considered attractive by some girls.