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Edwin Montague
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c. 2005

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  • Captain
  • Seeker
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Declan Montague. (brother)






Edwin Montague was a Slytherin student who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 2010s. He played Seeker on the Slytherin Quidditch team from 2018 to 2023 and The arch ememy of Albus potter and Scorpuis Malfoy he was a ile mean spirited bully who shared many outdated veiws on muggleborns and half breads with the rest of his famiy. He is in the same dormantry as Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Karl Jenkins and Silas Nott


First Year[]

Edwin along ith his freinds Karl Jenkins and Silas Nott take an instant dislike to Albus because of his last name and Edwin greets Albus at the Slytherin table by setting a Serpent on him, He also dislikes Scorrpius saying he is a disgrace to his house. He mocks Albus at every turn making his like miserable including setting fire to his bed, Giving him Toung Toffie as a Prank, Hexing him in his sleep, Writing a very humiiating song about him and Sending him to the Dark forest where he is attacked by mountain trolls, A thoughraly unpleasent individual even in first year he was so prejudiced that he saw anyobody with non magical blood was a mudblood and has cruel to magical creatures Hexing them and at one point Using Imperio and Cruicio on Nifflers for fun. His father congratulates him and mocks Harry about how his son was tramaling harrys son this earned the elder Montague a nosebleed.

Second year[]

Continutes to be a total prick wwith his gang Karl Jenkins, Silas Nott, Craig Bennet, Robbie Stubbs and Mickey Lazie. He insults every teacher his favorate targets Are Hagrid, Proffesor Longbottom and Firenze who the latter he sees as a half bread freek and should be sent to a glue facotry. Scorpuis has an argument with him which ends in Edwin getting turned into a ferret Scorpius brags by Father told me about that spell read it in a spell book shame you cant read. He aslo repetedly performs Wingardium Leviosar on Chairs Ablus is sitting in cauing poor albus to fall off and hurt himself. this year he also makes the [[Quidditch team mocking Ablus and his inability to fly a broom and that his father must be so dissapointed in him. He also mocks Scorpuis's mothers illness saying she is dieng of shame Scorpious Strangles him until he is restrained.

Third uear[]

Montague his cruelest year yet he is now openly mocking of Albus in every lesson he has with him sabotages his potions and Hexes him everytime he walks into the Common Room. he sees to it that Albus is totaly miserable and encorages his freinds Jeniks and Nott to be just as bad as he. He is also highly misoganisitic towards his female clasmates constanly makes sexist remarks towards Rose Granger-Weasley and Polly Chapman and is also Xenophobic belittles Louis Weasley for having a "Foreighn Banshee" forr a mother seeing as Louis is a Prefect this erns him a detention, he also Hates Macgonagle calliing her an "Old Bat" and shows nosighns of a good person whatsoever his is Cruel, Cowardly, Disloyal, Idiotic and Predjudiced bascicly nobody outide Slytherin likes himhe doesnt care he hats all of them.

This is also the year he sets a Dragon on albus in Care of Magical Creatures Class with Hagrid it backfires when the Dragon turns on him. This leads His father to see this as an excuse to sack Hagrid it backfires when Harry potter and Hermionie Granger step in and Get Magocnagle to havee Montague Susspened for two months, When he coems back he sells starnge objects which turn out to be exploding eyeballs which Explode and emit a foul gass, He also spikes Albus's Butter Beer with Viagra and Sets a Hord of Spiders on Scorpius. In Divanation Proffesor Trelawney tells Ablus about his Forutne and Edwin makes a realy nasty remark aboiut howAlbus is a Faliure and should just Drop out.

His Worst moment yet and most famous when he is playing Quidditch against Gryfindor opposite James Potter II who is Seeker he pays one of the Beeters to Intentionaly hit Albus with a Bludger who is in the Stands wathcign his Brother play. He sucseeds and a Bludger thrown by Elliot Garsely his Albus's arm and sends him to the Hspital wing he after the match Laughs with the other Quidditch Slytherins mocks James for having a weak Brother and sings a song about his Father calling him "An Overated Looser who Is an Uptight Coot" and Mocks his Grandmother calling her a "Crinkley Old Bag" and Then Mocks his Uncle George , James Procceeds to beat the everloving snot out of Montague meeting with cheers from the Gryfindors, Louis Weasley and Fergus Finnegan join in This continues until Magaonagle sends the Three to the Headmistress's office with Both James's Parents and Montagues Parents, James is remsoresless about his assult on Edwin for what he did to his brother and insulting his Family Memebrs Harry and Ginny scold their son but secretly are proud of him, Montague sr. congratualtes Edwin for his behaviour and says hes proud and Mocks Harry and Ginny and Points out a similar incedent when Harry has at school and Mocks Albus's Freindship with Scorpius. This leads to when THe Three return to the Misnistry Ginny hexing him with a ball heating curse. Edwin repetedly mocks Albus and Insults James that he got susspened from Quiddit for 3 Moths James points out he himself cant play for six which is after Summer. This is also the Year he Steals Rose Weasley's belongings and they end up in the lake resutling in Ron to come to school grounds and Hex Edwin dspite Ron as a Grown man entering a school to assult a child Mcgonigle is Sypmathetic and Lets Ron off.

Fourth year

He is contiunialy nasty to Albus and Scorpuis he Hexes them on the Train and sets a Serpent on the Boys as they Eat their Breakfast. He is now leader of the gan the Wolfsquad and Bully gang who terioises first year half breeds and he also Jinxes Hagrid which earns him a trip to St. Mungos Curtousy of Scorpuis when he retuns nothing Changes. When Delphi Diggory attacks Albus and Kills Craig Bowker Jr he runs away in fear Hexing Mickey Stubbs on his way back to the Saftey of the Castle Walls. He then mocks Albus and Scorpuis on their return He performs the Difindo charm on Ablus's Pants this backfires as Albus now has a Pet cat which attacks edwin