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Heidi Macavoy
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c. 1979



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“I want the students to really understand what muggles are like.” The former Ministry painted a rather ugly and inaccurate picture of what muggles are. It is true that some muggles are exactly as they described, but not all. I plan to teach the students accurately, based off facts.  I want them to be able to see muggles for what they are; people just like us, living in a society similar, yet vastly different from ours. I don’t plan on putting any sort of idea in their heads. I plan to present the facts as any teacher does and hope that they draw the correct meaning from these facts. It’s somewhat similar to the work of Charity Burbage. I’d like to think she approves of my plans, wherever she is.” - Heidi's speech to reporters

Heidi Macavoy (born 1979) was a witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1989-1996, during which she was sorted into Hufflepuff. During her second year, Heidi was invited to join the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team as a Chaser, which she accepted. Unlike a majority of her house, Heidi, though she supported Cedric Diggory, refused to take one of the SUPPORT CEDRIC DIGGORY badges, disliking how members of her house were being so bullying towards Harry Potter, the second Hogwarts champion, who she admired and respected for his Quidditch skills. After Cedric was murdered by Lord Voldemort, Heidi supported Harry Potter, but was against Zacharias Smith becoming the new captain of her Quidditch Team, disliking him for his arrogant personality and joined Dumbledore's Army and practised at several meetings, learning spells such as Expelliarmus and the Patronus Charm. During one lesson, Harry was giving a speech and whilst doing so he was checking on students. He checked on this student and raised her arm to give her better aim, and after doing so she managed to perform a nonverbal version of Stupefy, to which she looked pleased and slightly embarrassed for Harry touching her. This is quite advanced as other students were finding it difficult to perform disarming spells verbally. After graduating, Heidi moved on to be a Broomstick store owner in Hogsmeade, and remained in contact with her fellow graduated D.A. members. Heidi particapated in the Battle of Hogwarts and survived. After the war, Heidi took over Muggle Studies, a subject she excelled at, from a now-imprisoned Alecto Carrow and made a speech to reporters a week before beginning her first year of teaching at the magical school and began drafting plans for her subject, which was now compulsory.