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Persephone "Fiona" Higgs ( née Shafiq)
Biographical information

November 15, 1979 Liverpool, Eastern Side of the Mersey Estuary, Northern England

Blood status


  • Perfect
Physical description




Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Marcus Shafiq (father)
  • Andrea Shafiq (mother)
  • Aurora Shafiq (younger sister)
  • Thomas Shafiq (younger brother)
  • Terence Higgs (husband)
  • Caroline Higgs (daughter)
  • Danielle Higgs (daughter)
Magical characteristics

Lord Voldemort


Alder, 12¾ inches, Unicorn tail hair



  • Head of the Department of International Wizarding Cooperation
    • Wizengamot member


  • Shafiq family
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    • Hufflepuff
      • Dumbledore's Army
  • Order of the Phoenix
    • Harry Potter
    • Albus Dumbledore
    • Mad-Eye Moody
    • Kingsley Shacklebolt
  • British Ministry of Magic
    • Department of International Wizarding Cooperation
      • Wizengamot

"I'm furious and disappointed, but I'll never cross you out. It's impossible to hate someone you've loved for so long."
—Persephone to Christine.

Persephone "Fiona" Higgs (née Shafiq) (b. November 15, 1979) is a pure-blooded English witch, a member of the pure-blooded House of Shafiq. The oldest child of Marcus and Andrea Shafiq, the older sister of Aurora and Thomas. Wife of Terence Higgs, mother of his two children, Caroline and Danielle. Best friend of Christine Roger and Rhiannon Max. In 1991-1999 she was a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was assigned to Hufflepuff. In 1995, she became a prefect, actively participated in the fight against Lord Voldemort, joining Dumbledore's Army with the aim in aiding the defeat of the dark sorcerer.

After completing her education, she started working at the Ministry of Magic, where she soon became the Head of the Department of International Wizarding Cooperation and a member of the Wizengamot.


Early life[]

Persephone was born on the outskirts of Liverpool as the eldest child of pureblood wizards Andrea and Marcus. She became Aurora's sister at the age of two, and Thomas a year later. From an early age, she showed great wizarding abilities and learned to fly on a broomstick very quickly.

At the age of eleven, she received a letter from Hogwarts, and later visited Diagon Alley with her parents, where she bought the necessary things for further education.

The first year 1991 - 1992[]

A trip to Hogwarts and making new friends[]

To reach Hogwarts, Persephone went to platform 9¾ on September 1, 1991. Her parents and siblings escorted her to the train. Her sister Aurora was very outraged that she too could not go to Magic School yet, but Fiona waved her off, comforting her sister with the reminder that she would attend Hogwarts in two years.

"Don't be angry, Aurora. It's not you who are waiting for Hogwarts. It's Hogwarts that's waiting for you. Wait two more years and you will see yourself boarding the train."
—Persephone comforting Aurora

The eleven-year-old then said goodbye to her parents and boarded the train, where she took an empty compartment. Soon Christine Roger joined her with whom she quickly found a common language, the girls liked each other very much. During the trip she also met a muggle girl - Hermione Granger, who asked what house she wanted to go to. The girl seemed a bit smart to her, but Fiona liked her, unlike Christine .

When the journey was over, Persephone with Christine and the other freshmen and Hagrid went by boat to Hogwarts; she was supposed to be waiting for an assignment there. She sat in the boat with Christine , Stephen Cornfoot, and Sophie Roper.