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Warning: This entry contains mentions of a fan-made character and fan-made headcanons written by the aforementioned character's creator. There is also mention of Rabastan marrying a minor when he's in his mid-30s.

''Look at that,Lestrange made the front page.His wedding to Garko was louder than any Quidditch match I have ever been to''


Rabastan Lestrange was a pure-blood wizard, brother of Rodolphus, brother-in-law of Bellatrix, son of Reinhard Lestrange and a Slytherin at Hogwarts. He was a Death Eater who fought in the First Wizarding War. The Lestranges were among Lord Voldemort's most loyal and trusted servants, the only ones who searched for him after his first downfall. After Voldemort's first downfall, Rabastan, Rodolphus, his wife Bellatrix and Barty Crouch Jr. participated in the torture and permanent incapacitation of Alice and Frank Longbottom and was sentenced to life imprisoned in Azkaban. Rabastan later escaped with a group of Death Eaters and fought in several battles.


Early life[]

Rabastan possibly attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin house, like his brother Rodolphus. It is possible that he didn't attend Hogwarts at the same time as Rodolphus, as he was not mentioned among a small group of Slytherins and future Death Eaters, as Rodolphus and Bellatrix were.

First Wizarding War[]

Rabastan served as one of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War. He, along with Rodolphus and Bellatrix, were among Voldemort's most loyal servants.

Soon after the conflict ended in late 1981, Rabastan was put on trial with his brother Rodolphus, sister-in-law Bellatrix, and Barty Crouch Jnr for being a Death Eater and for participating in the torture of Alice and Frank Longbottom. They were all sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban.

Second Wizarding War[]

Rabastan Lestrange broke out of Azkaban along with other Death Eaters in January 1996.It was that same year that he met Avela Garko whom he later on traditionally engaged.Due to him being a Death Eater,he started having arguments with Avela.

He married Avela in February of 1997 at the Lestrange property and grounds.

It was in the month of May of the previous year that Rabastan Revealed to his family that he had been having a liasion with Avela Garko. His family,being a well-known name within the Wizarding World,knew that the scandal would eventually get to all and finally accepted to his wishes.

Battle of the Department of Mysteries[]

"We'll split into pairs and search, and don't forget, be gentle with Potter until we've got the prophecy, you can kill the others if necessary..."
— Lucius Malfoy gives orders to the group of Death Eaters[src]

He later participated in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. He went with fellow Death Eater Crabbe Snr to find six D.A. members, and went to the Time Room, where Harry, Hermione, and Neville, were hiding. He may have been the Death Eater whose head fell into the bell jar and turned into a baby's head. He was presumably returned to Azkaban afterwards, though he was at large once again by late 1997 after another Azkaban break-out.

Meeting at the Malfoy Manor[]

Rabastan next to Yaxley at the Meeting at Malfoy Manor.

He was present at the Malfoy Manor during the meeting marked by Voldemort where professor Charity Burbage had been murdered. Rabastan was next to Yaxley and his older brother Rodolphus, he had't offered to surrender his wand when the Dark Lord ascended.


Rabastan during the Battle of Hogwarts.


After the Second Wizarding War,Rabastan got imprisoned yet again.His wife tried to help with the release of The Lestrange Brothers.After a while,Rabastan got released.It is said he had two children.