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Ulf-Harald Ørn Alex John
Biographical information

8th December 1980

Blood status


  • Reserve Player
Physical description




Hair colour
  • Implied to have formerly black hair before hair color changed for the rest of his life during early childhood
  • Wooden Brown
Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Alex Senior John (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Hoag Kristiansen (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Kornelie Kristiansen (neé Isbrann) (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Arno John (Paternal Great-Grandfather)
  • Boris John (Paternal Great-Granduncle)
  • Jillie John (neé Kristiansen) (Mother)
  • Alex John (Father)
  • Saria John (neé Lightleaves) (Wife)
  • Shadow John (Son)
  • Linkie John (Daughter)
  • Lloyd John (Son)
  • Alexanderson John (Son)
Magical characteristics
  • Demonic Beings

13", Rosewood, Unicorn hair


Male Lion Cub



  • John Family
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Dumbledore´s Army
  • Ravenclaw
  • Hogwarts

Ulf-Harald Ørn Alex John, (b. 8th December, 1980), usally refered simply as either Ulf or Harald is the son of Alex John and Jillie John. He is a half-blood wizard who was sorted into Ravenclaw in 1992. Due to his mother being Norwegian, his first and part of his middle name is of Norse and Scandinavian origin. Ulf joined Dumbledore´s Army and by proximity, the Order of the Phoenix and played a large role in the Second Wizarding War.


Ulf was born 8th December Year 1980. In the beginning of 1981 Andreiko Igorobravitch tried to kill him but Ulf`s Godfather, Remus Lupin and Moody stopped Andreiko from killing Ulf.

Ulf growed up and was able to peform his first magic that proved that he was magical,the power peformed was a Psionic power combined with some sort of weak variation Legilemency that allows to guess the intentions of others should the user of said power spend enough time analyzing the personality of another for a decently long enough time.Another display of Magic was Ulf changing his natural hair color from black to wooden brown, though this is not to say he is a metamorphmagus as his hair was forever altered to a wooden brown color, only leaving a part of his hair at his neck somewhat dark.

Diagon Alley[]

At the age of eleven Ulf traveled to Diagon Alley to buy things he needed for Hogwarts such as books, kettle, and obviously wand. He bought his rosewood wand at Ollivanders. Ulf encountered Ron Weasley and Harry Potter at the bookshop where Lockhart proudly proclaimed of being the next Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. Ulf-Harald initially tried to greet Harry & Ron but decided not to.

First Year[]

1st September year 1992 Ulf traveled to Hogwarts with the Hogwarts Express.On the Hogwarts Express he met Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger.Ulf asked Hermione what she knows about Hogwarts and what he should expect. He was sorted to Ravenclaw but the Sorting Hat considered to sort him to Gryffindor first due to Ulf`s inner courage thus Ulf was a Hastall.He became friends with Arnold Jacksson from Hufflepuff, Leonard Switchwalk from Slytherin and Luna Lovegood from Ravenclaw house.

School Life[]

Ulf-Harald was in the same class and year as Ginny Weasley. Ulf respected the rules of Hogwarts and was ambitious in his studies and was willingly to put extra effort in his studies even when he was not always a fan of subject. Despite not being a Slytherin, Professor Severus Snape, while not being too easy on Ulf, seemed to have a somesort of mutual respect for Ulf due to his intelligence, work and effort and was willing to honor Ulf. Another reason why Ulf seemed to be in fairly good terms with Severus Snape was because of Ulf was friends with Leonard Switchwalk, a Slytherin.Ulf mostly looked forward for Defence Against the Dark Arts, and while liking the class, thought Lockhart came off as a joke to say the least to Ulf.

Ulf grew more and more concerned regarding the Attacks of the Basilisk and decided to join the Dueling Club.Ulf returned to his parents during the Christmas of 1992.

Following Harry and Ron[]

When Ginny Weasley, a classmate of Ulf was "kidnapped" by the Basilisk, Ulf had enough, he together with Arnold and Leonard decided to save their classmate by following Harry, Ron and Lockhart into the Chamber of Secrets. Harry and Ron obviously did not know that Ulf and two of his classmates followed them by sneaking after. Ulf was seperated from all of his allies when they slided down to the Chamber of Secrets. On his way to find his friends and allies, Ulf fought off various snakes with Flipendo, Glacius and Vipera Evanesca.

Facing Tom Riddle[]

Ulf met "Tom Riddle" (before Harry entered the main Chamber of Secrets) during the search for Harry and the others. Tom told Ulf that his quest was in vain and created a illusion of a Death Eater that looked like someone Ulf have seen before. Suddenly Ulf´s mind was trapped into a somesort of "dimension" through the powers of the Diary that was projected by Tom Riddle. At first Ulf saw a corrupted and diabolical version of Salazar Slytherin, a husk of his formerly extreme but noble and well meaning self whom transformed himself into a "Phantom Basilisk" and the Death Eater Ulf saw earlier riding the Phantom Basilisk. Ulf managed through great work and effort outsmart the Phantom Basilisk and knocked the man riding the serpent off. Ulf awoke and his mind returned to his body. Ulf Realizing the dangers Harry now was in ran and found his two other friends and the three decided to find Harry. Suprisingly to Ulf, both Arnold and Leonard had also met Tom Riddle. To their Luck when they found Harry Tom Riddle was already defeated and so was the Basilisk thus Ginny Weasley was safe. Much like Harry,Ron,Ginny and Lockhart they fled from the Chamber with Fawkes the Phoenix.

Second Year[]

In the Hogwarts express,together with Luna and his two friends Ulf was hoping for himself that the following year would be a normal year and not something like the last year.Ulf accidentaly spilled juice on his friend Arnold which he quickly apologized for to which Arnold responded with a simple "i will be fine i just need to wash it off". All of the sudden at the Great Bridge the train stopped and then the Dementor entered the train which made Ulf-Harald together with Luna and Leonard decide to lock the door and hold it tight so the Dementor would not be able to come into their train compartment. Then Ulf realized something important. Arnold was still in the bathroom to wash off the juice that was spilt on him.Ulf together with Leonard decided to crawl through the ventilation system to find Arnold as they snuck through the Dementor and with sheer dumb luck were not noticed by the creature of Azkaban and found their friend asking him if he was alright.Then they decided to sneak back to their seats.At the Feast at Hogwarts Ulf stated it was insane to let Dementors guard the school instead of using Aurors. During the year Ulf admired the new teacher in Defense Against Dark Arts Lupin and developed a liking for him, Remus Lupin casually told Ulf that he knew Ulf since he was a kid .When more information and details came out regarding Sirius Black Ulf started to slowly but safely notice that something fishy about the story of Sirius Black killing innocent muggles when more and more inconsistencies came out through rumors regarding Harry seeing Peter Pettigrew´s name on Marauder´s Map, the fact that Pettigrew´s wand was not found (not to mention Sirius got no trial). Ulf started to question the whole story about it and even started to ask Fudge himself through a letter to which Cornelius Fudge casually wrote back stating it was just coincidence.

At his 13th birthday he met his godfather who traveled from hogsmeade to Hogwarts just to meet him and gave him presents and cake. One of these presents was a pet wolf which would become his pet he named Akela.

Saved by Lupin and Cedric Diggory[]

When Ulf was going for a walk in the snowy forest with his wolf pup Akela it was getting dark and the Dementors were coming to much of Ulf´s fear. Ulf and Akela started to run back to the school but two Dementors caught up with them. To Ulf´s and Akela´s luck however Remus and Cedric saved them both from the foul beings known as Dementors.Overtime Ulf got to know Cedric and they became friends while about various things. Cedric noted the uncertainty in Ulf and gave him advice of what he could do to feel somewhat more important to the world. Cedric told Ulf to apply to the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, Ulf was hesitant at first but later decided to apply to at least be a reserve/back up player.

Joining the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team[]

After christmas, Ulf-Harald applied the Quidditch Team of his respective house. Ulf got to be a reserve player. While Ulf was not needed in the following match, he still felt honored to be a part of the Quidditch Team

Attacked by Peter Pettigrew[]

Ulf was one day casually enjoying his weekend at the school, considered to give Hagrid a present to comfort him over the fact that Buckbeak would get executed when he suddenly saw a mysterious man that fitted the description of Peter Pettigrew according to books explaining recent history at Hogwarts and not to mention Remus description of his friendship with the three. Ulf decided to ask him if he was Pettigrew but was hit by Petrificus Totalus Curse by Pettigrew as the Pettigrew man transformed himself into the rat refered as Scabbers. Moments before Remus Lupin entered the Whomping Willow he found Ulf-Harald John laying on the ground, alive but petrified by the curse. With a Finite Incantatem Ulf was freed and told Remus everything he knew and just saw. Remus told Ulf to go to the Castle and talk to Dumbledore.

Ulf told Dumbledore everything that just have happened and Dumbledore now realizing the possibility that Sirius Black may have been framed from the beginning. Ulf was awarded twentyfive points when Sirius name was cleared (At least for Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Remus, Hermione and even later Snape himself)

Year 3[]

On the way back to Hogwarts in 1994 for his third year Ulf was disgusted by the news regarding the Attack on the Quidditch World Cup by the Death Eaters, so much so he spat at the Daily Prophet and threw the newspaper out in the lake the train passed by and was furious over the fact that little was done about it. At the great feast, Ulf was impressed by the introduction of the Triwizard Tournament, he loved Durmstrang`s entrence and thought for himself if he or his friends could become a champion of the Triwizard tournament, but when Dumbledore stated that students around seventeen to be allowed to enter Ulf was slightly let down by that but understood later it was necessary due to the dangers.

Ulf was suprised like all the others on how Harry became an participant of the triwizard tournament alongside Cedric,Viktor and Fleur.He wondered how that was possible and if Harry did put his name in the goblet of fire or if there was some mistake.Despite this he did not mind it much but he was worried wether or not Harry would be able to survive the three coming challenges.

Conflict with Pansy Parkinson[]

When people decided to make fun of Harry with the "Cedric Rules Potter Stinks" buttons, Ulf stood up for Harry, stating that people should not care what have just happened and that they should see it as an extra possibility of Hogwarts winning the Triwizard Tournament, pointing out its also foul and immature without considering that Harry might be telling the Truth. Though his ideas and quotes did get some people calm down and realized how immature the buttons were, Pansy Parkinson however decided to retaliate at Ulf by making fun of him, making Ulf fall down the stairs by jinxing the shoes, and even took out her problems with Ulf on Leonard, a Slytherin with both physical and magical force, which made both their lives a misery. Pansy also decided to cast some sort of Jinx or Hex on Akela to give the wolf hot spots like a dog or a cat.One day Ulf created a spell, .The Wasp Nest jinx which he tested on Pansy as revenge for bullying him during a duel. Severus Snape then asked Ulf to come to his office after using his new invented jinx.

Detention with Severus Snape[]

After getting his revenge of Pansy Ulf was summoned to the office of Severus Snape. Professor Severus questioned Harald`s "antics" by stating that a Ravenclaw like Ulf should know better than to behave unlike an "reckless,arrogant Gryffindor" but stated that he will give Ulf this "Inventing a spell takes a lot of effort at such a young age". Ulf responded with saying that Pansy Parkinson has misbehaved and even attacked fellow Slytherins for not agreeing with her or her Wizarding Supremacist believes as well and Snape should consider that to be a disgrace to his house and stand up for Leonard, a Slytherin. Severus was skeptical over the response he got but then was willing to listen & consider to what Ulf had to say and decided to draw points from both Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Both Ulf and Pansy did have to spend detention with Snape where he ordered them to sort ingredients and bottles to the right places and were forced to renegotiate with each others.

Yule Ball[]

When the Yule Ball was announced and Ulf got hands on his father´s old tuxedo, Ulf decided to ask Luna Lovegood out for the Yule Ball (as he had begun flirting with Luna Lovegood), it is unknown wether or not Ulf went with Luna on the Yule Ball or not, either way, Ulf did not seem to dance much, only seemed to mingle with a couple of drinks, some refreshments and listened to the Wierd Sisters rock song.

Cedric´s Death[]

Ulf was distraught of Cedric´s death. When he saw a mourning Harry and Mr.Diggory mourning over Cedric he thought he would faint and lose his sanity, wishing the whole day was just a nightmare or something. Ulf just could not believe that the young man who had saved him one year ago and motivated him to become a Quidditch player was dead.Ulf was even appalled and a little more than disgusted that the fact that the Ministry of Magic seemed to downplay the Death of Cedric. Ulf seemed to be only silent for the last couple of days of his third year at Hogwarts, seemingly only looking down on the ground and not finding the joy in almost anything, Ulf only found the strength to speak with his friends and teachers during the last day of year three.

Grimmauld Place 12[]

At some point during the summer of 1995, a few days before Harry´s hearing, Ulf went to Grimmauld Place 12 together with his father Alex John ,Alastor Moody and godfather Markko Teräsinen to spend a few days at the place. There he met various members of the Order of the Phoenix and met his classmate Ginny Weasley which he greeted and expressed a "long time no see" with a non-romantic hug.Obviously he also met the brothers of Ginny and Hermione Granger. Ulf noted Crooshanks tried to tease and boss around Akela the wolf by either pouncing on him or swatting the nose but Akela seemed to ignore it mostly. At somepoint Ulf also developed a sometype of friendship & bond with Nymphadora Tonks who gave Ulf various advice on dueling, spell creation and even so far to play cards (and other board games, wether they be magical or non-magical) with her and Ginny and shared some of his non-magical soda to Tonks. Ulf also ate dinner with the Weasleys, Hermione, the Order of the Phoenix and Harry and discussed various things

Year 4[]

The beginning of the 4th year was according to Ulf the worst beginning on a year as he did not like the fact that Umbridge have become a teacher and then his father Alex have been fired from the Ministry of Magic simply because he did not agree with the intentions of Fudge and Umbridge. What made things even worse was that Umbridge started to make "orders" and "demands" despite the fact that she was not the Headmaster and those demands were also not important but what made Harald hate about Umbridge the was the fact that she was the one who got his father fired from the Ministry of Magic (though the good side was that at least his father still had the job as an Magi-Engineer).

Joining Dumbledore´s Army[]

At the three broomsticks, Ulf was drinking non-alcoholic mead and stopped to listen to what Harry, Ron and Hermione had to say. Ulf debated Seamus Finnigan regarding his reasoning of blindly trusting the Daily Prophet. Ulf decided to join Dumbledore´s Army.When the room of requirements was found and Harry started his lessons, Ulf chose to follow his fellow DA members. Ulf trained and his dueling skills that went from acceptable to very good similar to Harry and Hermione´s skill level (only slightly below the skill of Harry but fairly above average and by that good to go). Ulf with the help of Leonard managed to convince good hearted Slytherins to join and managed to convince a few Slytherins to defect the Inquistitor Squad by convincing them that Dumbledore´s Army is about unity and a better represenation of Slytherin rather than Umbridge.Ulf also managed to learn the Patronus Charm thanks to Harry.

When Dumbledore´s Army was found out by Umbridge and her merry band of Inquisitors, Ulf took Umbridge´s punishment, during the punishment where everyone were supposed to be silent he called Dolores Umbridge out by calling both her and Fudge a disgrace who were outright lying and downplaying the death of Cedric Diggory, which resulted Ulf getting a detention, to which Ulf retaliated by not attending said detention, Umbridge took revenge by removing Ulf´s rights to go to Hogsmeade.

Battle of the Department of Mysteries[]

After the fall of Umrbidge´s control over Hogwarts Ulf went with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Arnold and Leonard to the Ministry of Magic to find Sirius and the Prophecy. While some of the members flied with Thestrals, Ulf on the other hand flied on a random broomstick he found from the Quidditch storage.

At the Ministry, Ulf alongside the eight others walked in the dark corridors of the Prophecy Corridor to find Sirius Black. When Lucius Malfoy approached Ulf was alerted but he was not fully on edge before Andreiko Igorobravitch approached. Ulf and Andreiko recognized each other. The battle commenced and Ulf alongside Luna, Neville, Ginny and Arnold were running through the corridor, Andreiko flied after the five using Umbraflight and intended to kill them with the Killing Curse but was stopped by being blasted by Ulf, Ginny and Luna using Stupefy.

Later at the Death Chamber Ulf and the others (minus Harry) were taken and were temporarily taken hostage by the Death Eaters. Ulf was being held wandpoint by Andreiko Igorobravitch. When Lucius gave Harry his ultimatum Ulf stated "because it is totally not like you will kill us anyway" to the Death Eaters after Andreiko pushed his wand further into Ulf´s skin while the young Ravenclaw D.A tried to get loose by trying to stomp on the feet of the Death Eater. When hope seemed bleak suddenly various members of the Order of the Phoenix bursted into the room, forcing the Death Eaters to release their hostages.Ulf dueled with Andreiko Igorobravitch at first and while skilled, he was still on a junior level in comparison to the sadistic Death Eater and it did not help either that Andreiko fought dishonorably even by Death Eater standards. Ulf was knocked off his balance and knocked to the lowest tier of seats, but is saved right in time by Ginny, Leonard, Arnold and Luna who manage to blast Andreiko with a variety of spells. Ulf later witnessed the tragic Death of Sirius Black at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange and wanted to help Harry in avenging Sirius only to be wounded by a dark spell casted by Bellatrix. Ulf was taken to safety by his own respective godfather Markko Teräsinen. Ulf wittnessed the post-duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort, where the Ministry of Magic stood and looked shocked, being forced to reconsider their words against both Harry and Dumbledore, Ulf shouted Percy Weasley down, asking Percy if "it was worth it to throw his relationship with his family and to side with Umbridge and the Ministry at its worst who were complicit in the covering up of Voldemort and the Death Eaters leading to the Death of Sirius and almost the Death of Arthur Weasley himself" to which Ginny & Ron Weasley and Markko Teräsinen stating "No need for that, not now, its bad as it is".

After the departure of Umbridge Ulf naturally got his rights to go to Hogsmeade back.

Year 5[]

Ulf-Harald went back to Hogwarts for his fifth year in 1996. During his year he started to get suspicious of Draco`s intentions, he questioned Draco`s attitude and wanted to learn something what he was up to likewise to Harry. Ulf-Harald contacted several teacher to ask them for advice but they stated that they do not believe anything suspicious about Draco.

Ulf also flirted and dated with Luna at one point and at some point offered Luna a kiss on her hand, though Luna considered it to be more of a friendship kiss and thought she was not worthy of Ulf and said that "there are others that might need compassion during these dark times such as Saria Lightleaves who recently lost her uncle and grandfather to a vicious Death Eater attack" and that she is fine. While Ulf did feel gloomy to say the least, he did still consider Luna to be his friend and started to get Saria to know better. Ulf comforted Saria Lightleaves regarding the fates of her relatives and they started to hang out.

Ulf, naturally being a academic soul was also accepted into the Slug Club alongside Leonard Switchwalk and Arnold Jacksson. Ulf went to Slughorn´s christmas party together with Saria Lightleaves, and they both started to slowly like each other.

Harald went as a temporary guest to the Weasleys during Christmas of 1996 before continuing to Norway to meet with his maternal grandparents to spend his Christmas there. At the Weasleys he decided to sleep on the couch of the first floor.

Facing Draco Malfoy[]

At one point Ulf did get to know the better of some of Draco`s intentions as he used his own special psionic-legilemency (plus eavesdropping on Malfoy) skill that he once used when he was a child when Draco was not paying attention and had no reason to raise up his occlumency skills at the time and learned more than he wanted to know. Somewhere during the spring at Hogwarts somewhere before lunchtime Ulf decided to confront Draco near the forbidden forest. Harald asked Draco why he bewitched Katie Bell and Madam Rosmerta to which Draco replied that its none of Ulf´s business and accused Ulf of being one of the reasons his father was locked up in Azkaban. A duel ensued when Ulf could not reason further with Draco. During the duel Draco lectured Ulf on how the young Ravenclaw and "the disgraceful house betraying Slytherin" (Leonard Switchwalk) not only have been complicit in sending Lucius to Azkaban but also ruining Slytherin´s chances of ever achieving House Cup to which Ulf responded with "If only you were half the man as Leonard rather than disgracing your house and making it look bad, Slytherin would have gotten their house cup". Ulf during the duel while fighting well tried to convince Draco to "come back to the light" but obviously Harald´s words were ignored and Ulf was knocked into a coma for few days. Draco dragged Ulf to the forbidden forest in hope that Ulf would be taken by the Centaurs, Acromantulas, Werewolves, Orcs or other creatures and beings would take the comatose Ulf. But luckily for Ulf, he was found by Hagrid and was healed by the half-giant and taken to Pomfrey. Ulf awoke from his coma and considered to tell Harry, strangely enough however, Harry already figured it out on his own that Draco bewitched Katie Bell (or rather Draco bewitching Madam Rosmerta to bewitch Katie Bell) , leading to the Sectumsempra incident.

Quidditch Match[]

Ulf was called to play in either the silver or bronze finale for Ravenclaw and another house when he got better. Little is known who won the bronze or silver, though Tonks did tell Ulf that he played well.

Important meeting with Dumbledore and Snape[]

Ulf was summoned to Dumbledore`s office for a meeting, where he would get to know about Snape`s and Dumbledore`s plan. At first Harald felt guilty wanted to tell his friends about Dumbledore`s coming sacrifice and that Snape will be the one to sacrifice Albus, but both Dumbledore and Snape forbade it for the sake of the plan. By this, Ulf was one of the extremely few of the only people to know about Dumbledore`s and Snape`s plan. Ulf-Harald was also told to not forsake or take off his Occlumency ring he got for his 13th birthday three years ago now that Ulf were to know the plan.

Year 6[]

When the Death Eaters, especially the Carrow siblings took command over the school (although Ulf was aware that Severus Snape would do whatever he could do to protect the students as long as it would not blow his cover) everything became a nightmare as Ulf would describe it.Ulf was beaten by the Carrow siblings several times for stopping them from punishing a young student. One day however Ulf decided to find out how the Death Eaters got control over the Ministry of Magic together with Leonard and Arnold and together they confronted the Carrow siblings by petrifying them with Petrificus Totalus and used Obliviate to modify their memories though not before Harald used the Legilemency spell at them (while the Carrow siblings were still petrified by Petrificus Totalus) and found out about a dossier located in Darkwood Tower in order to find out the secret plans of the Death Eaters.

Skirmish at Darkwood Tower[]

After outsmarting the Carrows, Ulf alongside Arnold and Leonard were able to transport themselves to Darkwood Tower. Their mission was to steal a journal from Sir Caleb Darkwood (not to be confused with Caleb Kresif, another Death Eater called Caleb) which contained information about Pius Thicknesse being under the Imperius Curse with Voldemort and same thing with Dolores Umbridge in order to destroy the hold the Death Eaters hold over the school and maybe even the Dark Lord´s control over the Ministry, or at least weaken it. however, just as Harald knew, it would be by no means easy as the chest containing the journal had three locks on it, therefore three keys were needed. During the time at Darkwood Tower, Ulf-Harald together with his two best friends had to hide in different places, take invisibility potions and at one point use polyjuice potions to impersonate Death Eater in order to fool the other Death Eaters at the Darkwood Tower to give them the keys. However after getting the dossier, they were revealed by Andreiko Igorobravitch, because of this the friends were forced to give up hope on the journal and let it burn in the flames of the fiendfyre that was casted by Andreiko and a few other Death Eaters in desperation before fleeing with his friends.The efforts of the mission that took a few days were in vain.

Sahara Desert[]

Ulf, Leonard and Arnold jumped out the window of the tower and used the Spell of Self-Levitation to glide as fast to the ground without hurting themselves and then they ran into the forests. Sir Caleb Darkwood was enraged that his Tower and family home was burned down to crisps and hired the Snatchers to hunt the three down. Ulf, Leonard and Arnold were on the run for days, but that did not stop the Snatchers from finding them in the Great Forest. Ulf gave permission for his friends to leave and get to safety from the Snatchers, but Leonard and Arnold were not willing to leave their friend to rot and so they dueled the Snatchers. Ulf and his two companions were outnumbered against the Snatchers and were taken to the Ministry of Magic, now run by Corban Yaxley the bewitched Pius Thicknesse. However, thanks to Leonard´s efforts they broke free from the shackles and tried to release Pius from his curse with Imperius Finite and Finite Incantatem Corban Yaxley intervened and blocked the spells, however Corban Yaxley was unable to capture the three as the three fled into the Floo Network and were teleported to the Sahara Desert. Ulf-Harald John, Arnold Jacksson and Leonard Switchwalk, now in the scorching hot Sahara Desert were now trying to find a way home or at least to safety. Water was not much of a issuse, because the three had their wands but food was a tougher challenge. Ulf and the two others were managed to be saved by Maleksi,a family friend of Ulf´s and a member of the Order of the Phoenix, who have been using a type of Magic to find the three and apparated them to Markko Teräsinen´s Archipelago island were the three spent their Christmas, New Year and Easter with Markko.During their time at Markko Teräsinen´s Archipelago Island Ulf and his two friends trained their dueling skills .It was only the last days of April the three went back to Hogwarts.

Battle of Hogwarts[]

Ulf-Harald John participated in the end of the Second Wizarding War known as the Battle of Hogwarts. Before the battle commenced Ulf helped the various wizardscasting the great shield surrounding Hogwarts with Protego Maxima, Horriblis, Repello Inicium and Fianto Duri but Markko Teräsinen and Maleksi took it over for him, telling him to help with other preparations. Ulf also helped with other defenses for the Battle by putting up extra alongside Leonard Switchwalk such as creating mannequins of wood (to which Leonard armed them with 1700s swords and guns he either found in basements and 1700s or conjured with a spell) and getting Mechanical Training Dummies from the Room of Requirements that looked like Moody rather than the typical Death Eater Dummy to fight the Death Eaters.Ulf also loaded several cannons (that were used during Triwizard Tournament) and catapults together with Arnold and Argus Filch.

When the battle commenced Ulf-Harald alongside Arnold reinforced doors inside the castle with simple limited Protego Totalum in order to delay Death Eaters and give less experienced fighters a fighting chance with the element of suprise or to hide and heal wounded fighters or even to give room to escape to another room or floor. Ulf also casted his patronus to make sure not many Dementors gets even anywhere close to the Castle.Ulf together with Akela fought a group of Snatchers and Andreiko Igorobravitch, Akela got seperated from Ulf by falling down which made Ulf furious, thinking Akela died, Ulf tried to retaliate against Andreiko but the Sadistic Death Eater fled to other places in the Castle. At one point Ulf-Harald indirectly killed two Death Eaters, one being Urusla Darkwood who died attempting casting the Cruciatus Curse on Luna Lovegood only to be stopped by the Everte Statum casted by Ulf and fell out from the window. Another Death Eater indirectly killed by Ulf was a masked Death Eater that fell down the Great Stairs while attempting to kill Saria Lightleaves due being stunned by Ulf. Ulf-Harald alongside Leonard, Saria and Arnold fought off armored and armed Orcs that were serving under Voldemort. Ulf managed to use a powerfull Flipendo on a heavy flail chain ball used by an Orc to make said metal flail ball crash into the Orcish chestplate of the Orc and then proceded to make the flail ball fly and fall into the foot of a Death Eater making the Death Eater scream like a "caroon character" and Arnold then proceded to heat up the flail ball to make it more painful for the Death Eater. Ulf decided then to go to the towers, battling his way through Death Eaters alongside Leonard and Arnold in order to see if Remus and Tonks were so far okay and probably to "snipe" Death Eaters on the courtyard and get rid of Inferi and Skeletons trying to enter the courtyard together with giants and other creatures serving the Dark Lord.

Fight with Bellatrix Lestrange[]

Ulf then teamed up with Nymphadora Tonks to battle various Death Eaters. Bellatrix Lestrange then came and killed Tonks, to which Ulf-Harald reacted in sadness but also in anger and revenge, cursing the name of Bellatrix Lestrange, calling her foul names and "idiot hypocrite". Bellatrix was insulted and took it personally and a battle between them took place. Ulf fueled by anger, hurt and sadness over the death of Tonks was willing to use lethal force on Bellatrix in retaliation for Lestrange did to her niece Nymphadora Tonks. Ulf fired Expulso at Bellatrix, making her lose balance, quickly fired a lightning bolt in her chest making Bellatrix twitch in electric pain, quickly casted Crucio on her (though much like in the case of Harry, it was done in righteous anger and did not do much to Bellatrix) and then to finish it off quickly used the Legilemens spell on Bellatrix while her Occlumency defences were down due to the pain. Ulf used every single insecurity against Bellatrix he could find and plagued her with visions until Bellatrix used her Occlumency to stop the Legilemens spell and exploded in retaliation, making Ulf fly backwards into the wall. Bellatrix then offered a "final chance" to Ulf, to leave or suffer. Ulf however stood his ground and refused to leave Bellatrix unscathed for what she have done to Neville´s parents, Sirius Black and Tonks and fired the stunning spell at Bellatrix, who dodged it and then stated "so be it" and casted a Cruciatus curse on Ulf, bad move for her, because for while at first Ulf first fell on the ground twitching in pain making Bellatrix mock him, Ulf´s anger and hatred towards Bellatrix became bigger than the pain and to the awe and horror of Bellatrix Ulf stood up and rushed towards her, grabbed her, holding her wand away with one hand, and with another was violently dragging by the hair of the Death Eater and biting her shoulder deeply and same with her ear, switching back and forth biting her ear or shoulder while at the same time kicking the legs of Bellatrix, enough to cause bruises on her legs. Bellatrix tried to use Cruciatus Curse on Ulf even more harder but to her horror Ulf retaliated by biting her shoulder and ear even deeper and kick harder, making Bellatrix stagger towards the broken window, high enough to fall to both their doom and thus Bellatrix was forced to stop the Cruciatus Curse and relase Harald from it while pushing and throwing Ulf aside. Ulf got up and looked in disdain at Bellatrix who was trying to heal her ear and quickly used the Wasp Next Jinx on her. Bellatrix screamed and howled as the angry wasps stung her face and ears and she tried to get rid of the nest on her head with her hands only to be stung on her fingers by the wasps. Ulf then used Incendio on the Wasp Nest making the Wasp Nest burn which made Bellatrix scream and howl in even more horror and pain and had to quickly use water making spells to make the fire stop and get rid of the Nest.Ulf then countered the Killing Curse of Bellatrix with the Disarming Spell and thus the spells of both of them were locked as both of them tried to make both of their spells hit one another, Bellatrix seemingly at first had the upper hand but Ulf jumped aside, dodging the Killing Curse and the wall/orb consisting of both said curse and Disarming Charm. Bellatrix attempted to cast another Killing Curse only for Harald to use the Asgardshield Charm to fire it back to the horror of the Death Eater, missing on purpose because to Ulf-Harald the seemingly heartless Death Eater does not deserve a fast and painless demise.Bellatrix tried to hit Ulf another time with the Cruciatus Curse but Ulf once more used Asgardshield charm and fired it back. While Bellatrix was engulfed in her own tortorous pain, Ulf fired one arrow each in both Bellatrix shoulder and knee using the Arrow Making Spell. And then Ulf went on a full barrage of casting spells at Bellatrix, casting several spells that made Bellatrix stagger, wounded and even went so far to cast Confringo at Bellatrix while she was still damaged from the other spells and arrows. Ulf then walked towards the injured Bellatrix as he preapered to finish her off with a spell but at the last minute Bellatrix chickened out and fled from the Battle towards the Forbidden Forest without permission from her Master. Ulf took it hard on himself that he could not kill her. However Ulf´s efforts were not in vain as the damage he did to Bellatrix did severely wound her pride and confidence (not to mention make her genuienly scared) which would become a factor of her later defeat & demise at the hands of Molly Weasley.

Duel with Andreiko, Death of Maleksi and reunification with Akela[]

Markko Teräsinen found his godson, Ulf, weeping over Tonks and healed him and stating "there is no time to waste" and got him up. Ulf then found Andreiko Igorobravitch ready to slaughter his father, Alex John who was already wounded from the battle with a broken leg, bruises and wounds. Ulf jumped in to defend his dad in a duel with Andreiko, calling the Death Eater a craven.Ulf fought well against Igorobravitch, but due to the grief of Tonks´ passing still being fresh in the young Ravenclaw´s mind and through Andreiko´s dishonorable ways of dueling, Harald was overpowered. Just then Maleksi stepped into battle against Andreiko, stopping Andreiko from murdering Ulf or Alex. Ulf watched how Maleksi battled Andreiko, and how Andreiko was almost overpowered and enraged. Andreiko tried to retaliate by casting the Cruciatus Curse at Ulf, only for Maleksi to "take the bullet for Ulf", making the man known as Maleksi shout in agony much to the horror of Ulf. Andreiko then proceded to kill Maleksi with first using Fiendlightning and then finishing Maleksi off with the Killing Curse. Andreiko mocked Ulf-Harald John over the Death of Maleksi before escaping to the Forbidden forest.Ulf mourned over the Death of Maleksi, as Akela, turned out to be alive approached and found Ulf and let out a mournful howl to share his pity and sorrow with his master over the Death of Maleksi

Finale of the Battle of Hogwarts[]

When it was believed that Harry was dead and Voldemort proclaimed victory, Ulf cursed at Voldemort and his Death Eaters by stating "your victory is nothing but a phyrric victory" and that there is only one Horcrux left (Nagini). When the battle recommenced, the Death Eaters tried to rush into the castle Ulf repeatedly casted the Stunning Charm, the Knockback Jinx, the Disarming Charm, Vermillous and many other spells at the Death Eaters. Ulf used the Asgardshield charm that was taught to him by both his mother and godfather to absorb and fire back the Killing Curse at Andreiko who dodged it and let a fellow Death Eater take the blow instead. Bellatrix attempted to cast a unknown curse at Ulf but once again the Asgardshield blocked it and fired it towards Andreiko, scarring the face of the Death Eater with a wound.

Ulf-Harald was in the Great Hall fighting bravely against the Death Eaters. Ulf made a Death Eater get knockbacked into another Death Eater´s attempted Killing Curse with Everte Statum, was using Asgardshield charm to reflect back a Killing Curse beam on a another Death Eater. Ulf-Harald then stepped in to defend a wounded student from a Death Eater by using Expeliarmus to counter the Killing Curse and having the beams and wands locked and managed to almost push the wall/orb of both spells back at the Death Eater only for that Death Eater to chicken out and flee from the Great Hall. Together with Arnold and Leonard, Ulf fought off various mercenaries hired by the Death Eaters. Ulf also together with his pet wolf Akela took down a Snatcher commander.

Ulf-Harald John then dueled with Rabastan Lestrange after the Death of Andreiko Igorobravitch at the hands of Markko and Pekka Teräsinen.

Post 1998[]

After the events of the Second Wizarding War, Ulf moved along with his life into early adulthood and married Saria Lightleaves and had children: Shadow, Linkie, Alexanderson and Lloyd.Ulf alongside Saria can be seen in year 2017 guiding Lloyd for his journey to his first year of Hogwarts on Kings Cross. Ulf´s job/occupation was a so called magi-archeolog, and he also helped his friend, Leonard Switchwalk on his biggest alchemist projects yet; create a perfect cure for Lycanthropy and they both succeded.

Personality and Traits[]

Ulf-Harald is a big thinker of things and always did research in his studies and liked to put extra effort in his work.He is light hearted and cares for his friends and he is known for his respected bravery (which explains why the Sorting Hat wondered if he should be put in Gryffindor instead but found more Ravenclaw in him) despite having friends and caring for them however he was sometimes considered to be a lone-wolf and preferred that way. Its unknown why Ulf was distant at times, though it could have to do with his insecurities of not feeling important and being quite the introvert. Ulf usually practiced or rather studied Spell Creation during summer times which explained how he was able to create his first spell at year 3.

Ulf showed decently good magical traits when he was small, he discovered his magical powers by demonstrating Psionics and a somewhat weaker yet useful variation of Legilemency by guessing the potential intentions of people through judging the personality and character of others (sometimes his personal power would not always work).This is not to say he is without flaws as he usually have doubts about himself, prefers to be alone. Other flaws Ulf has is such as that he did not consider himself to be worthy, thinking his efforts are rarely enough and at the Battle of Hogwarts took blame on himself when Tonks died as well as Maleksi´s death and times he could take petty revenge (example seen with Pansy Parkinson) and sometimes be cruel in retaliation (as seen with his fight with Bellatrix during the Battle of Hogwarts).Ulf also had the tendency to snap at people for not understanding him and being vindicitive as seen when he shouted down at Percy Weasley for siding with Umbridge after the Duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort.In couple of times much like the likes of Harry his strength would fail him as seen when he got struck with Petrificus Totalus by the hands of Peter Pettigrew or losing in a duel with Draco Malfoy when he at first seemed to have the upper hand.

Ulf prefers frozen and sweet christmas pudding (usually with chocolate flavors and fruit and cream filling) over the normal "dry" variant. Ulf´s favorite non-wizarding sweets are winegums, after eights and chocolate-covered raisins while his favorite Wizarding Sweets would be fudge flies .



Ever since from birth, Ulf was close to his family as they were close to him. Jillie and Alex cared for their son and raised him well and Ulf showed the same care & compassion for his parents. Ulf was mad at Umbridge for having his father fired from his role as a secretary all because of note disagreements with the establishment and Ulf defended his father from being killed in cold blood by Andreiko Igorobravitch.

Arnold Jacksson & Leonard Switchwalk[]

Arnold Jacksson of Hufflepuff was alongside Leonard Switchwalk of Slytherin were the two of Ulf´s best companions and friends. When Pansy Parkinson took out her problems with Ulf she attacked Leonard Switchwalk which angered Ulf greatly. The same can be said about the time Ron Weasley was distrustful of Leonard simply for being a Slytherin, Ulf became defensive of Leonard and confronted Ron regarding the Weasley boy´s bias. When Ulf accidentaly spilt juice on Jacksson he quickly apologized and the time he realized that Arnold Jacksson was still in the bathroom on the train when the Dementor came, Ulf and Leonard quickly decided to save their Hufflepuff friend from the potential danger the Dementor was posing by climbing through the ventilation system and doing their best not to be seen or have their presence felt by the Dementor.

Ulf-Harald gave his two friends permission to flee when they were attacked by snatchers after fleeing from Darkwood Tower, but his two friends stayed true and refused to leave.

Overall, Ulf´s relationship with Arnold & Leonard can be described as a true friendship as thogether they were known as the Metal-Brass Trio because they were drastically from different houses and can be considered to be some sort of "misfits" in the sense of they were loners (Ulf), were able to stand up to their fellow house mates and thus being considered to be unwanted by their house and what not (Leonard), being far too kind and eager to forgive competing houses (Arnold)

Markko Teräsinen[]

Markko Teräsinen, ever since meeting & befriending Jillie during Jillie´s exchange student trip to Middgardvalla, saving Alex John from Death Eaters to finally protecting and saving Alex´s & Jillie´s son, Ulf-Harald John, was named Godfather of Ulf. Teräsinen bought Akela to Ulf as a birthday present. Ulf saw his godfather as a friend and Markko the same. Markko Teräsinen, alongside Lupin at Grimmauld Place 12 told Ulf about Andreiko Igorobravitch as both Teräsinen, Lupin, Moody and Alex decided that Ulf was ready and mature enough to know what almost happened to him for many years ago.

Harry Potter[]

"Sirius´s death was not in vain, nor would he have you give up hope...You carry a heavy burden Harry, do not carry the weight of the dead"
—Ulf-Harald John to Harry Potter in 1996

Ulf-Harald John & Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived (and chosen one) became good friends and worked fairly well together. While their friendship was not obviously as strong as say Ron & Hermione, it was however comparable to Harry´s relationship with Luna & Ernie Macmillian.

Harry Potter as a teenager.jpg

Ginny Weasley[]

Ulf was Ginny Weasley´s classmate and knew Ginny ever since they first met at the Hogwarts Express. Ulf and Ginny were good friends and had respect for one and other. At both their first Year they were simply mostly acquitances but Ulf got concerned over her disappearence and secretly went after her and was relieved to find out she was alive and well.

Fred & George Weasley[]

Hermione Granger[]

Neville Longbottom[]

Luna Lovegood[]

Ron Weasley[]

Ron Weasley.jpg

Ulf-Harald John and Ron Weasley knew each other quite well, they had a imperfect, sometimes rocky but decently good and respectable relationship. Ulf knew Ron through Ginny Weasley and the fact that he (Ulf) had heard rumors regarding who the Boy-Who-Lived befriended with while Ron Knew Ulf through his sister Ginny. Ron and Harald considered to be allies and de facto friends or as Ron Weasley would put it, "buddies", though there were times when they clashed, had to call out one another or had (sometimes even agressive) disagreements with each other such as the time when Ron had to tell Ulf "Thats enough of both of you Harald" when Ulf-Harald John confronted and shouted down Percy after the Duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort, or the time when members started to join the D.A when Ron was agressively distrustfull towards Leonard Switchwalk, a Slytherin friend of Ulf who joined the D.A, simply for being Slytherin, not to mentioned demanded Leonard to be expelled without some sort of trial which caused Ulf to be defensive of Switchwalk and in tone slightly agressive so.


Maleksi, an old family friend of Ulf´s family. Godfather of the mother of Ulf

Maleksi was an old family friend of Ulf´s family. Maleksi was a Norweigian Sami half-orc who was a old friend with Hoag Kristiansen (Maternal Grandfather of Ulf), godfather of Jillie (mother of Ulf) and had been a family friend of Hoag´s family descendants (wether they be maternal of paternal) and their families. During the late summer of 1997 Maleksi escorted Alex John and Jillie to his house as shelter and later to Hoag´s after November. Maleksi also saved Ulf and his two friends from the Sahara during December. Maleksi fought against Igorobravitch and sacrificed himself for Ulf. Ulf respected Maleksi and saw him as a friend too and considered to be in Maleksi´s debt after the rescue from the Sahara.Ulf mourned the death and murder of Maleksi, blaming himself for the death of the half-orc order man and not being able to repay Maleksi.

Pekka Teräsinen[]

Pekka Teräsinen: You know Ulf, if i had been more stronger and daring or at least as much as my cousin and your Godfather, i might not have lost your mother´s respect

Ulf-Harald John: No, you are brave, simply being afraid does not make you less brave nor does it make you weaker, we are all afraid at some point Pekka. Plus the fact that you are now in the Order proves you have grown as an individual. While you may not be my godfather, you are very close to it. Besides i doubt my mother ever lost any respect for you, you saved her by having that madman expelled during the incident at Durmstrang and that is more enough for me at least to respect and honor you.

—Ulf to Pekka, the cousin of his godfather

Donovar Crane[]

Nymphadora Tonks[]

"You did not have to risk your life for us, so thanks..."
—Ulf thanking Tonks

Severus Snape[]

Albus Dumbledore[]

Remus Lupin[]

Percy Weasley[]

Ulf-Harald: "I bet you feel really dumb now,huh?! I hope it was worth it to throw your good relationship with your family who loved you away so you could lick the dung tainted boots of the most worthless and disgraceful officals of the Ministry of the millenia who have been complicit in censoring people, corruption, slandering people, downplaying the tragic murder of a boy and oh i almost forgot covering up the return of You-Know-Who!"

Percy: "Ulf...I just did not know any better..."

Ulf-Harald: "There was more than enough evidence that the Dark Lord was back but nooo..."

Ginny: "Ulf you do not need to..."

Ulf-Harald: "Your father almost died and you did not even seem to care for all i care! And now Sirius Black, a man your slave masters Umbridge and Fudge spent the whole year accusing of crimes the Dark Lord was guilty of turned out to be innocent and now is dead thanks to you and your "honorable Minister"

Ron:"Ok Harald that´s enough..."

Ulf-Harald: "You are lucky that your family is willing to forgive you. Your brothers and sister who are younger than you have proved themselves to be better than you ever was and ever will be,they were born lucky in your family tree while you were lucky to be born and you are complicit and part of the problem over the fact we got here in the first place *smacks Percy in the chest*

Ron:" *seperates the two* I said that´s enough Ulf!"

—Ulf shouting at Percy after the Battle of the Mysteries sometime later after Percy and Fudge witnessed Voldemort.

Ulf-Harald John got to know and was introduced to Percy through and by Ginny Weasley. Initially Ulf seemed to respect Percy as a acquaintence and greeted Percy every now and then. However during 1995 after Cedric´s death, when the Ministry of Magic started to conspire against Dumbledore and Harry by discrediting the said two and when Percy seemingly denounced his family and sided with the Ministry during its worst and Ulf who got to hear the news from the Weasleys, was disgusted by Percy´s actions towards his family and siding with Fudge and Umbridge.After the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort and when Percy alongside Fudge witnessed Voldemort and were forced to admit being wrong, Ulf shouted Percy down in a disdainful manner, shaming Percy for being "complicit" in the Ministry´s coverup that have led to losses and near losses. During 1996 (post Battle of Ministry) Ulf was still disdainful towards and regarding Percy, stating during his short stay at the Weasleys before going to Norway during christmas that "I am not suprised that he is not here, of course he is not here to admit he was wrong and ask for pardon of his parents". However after the death of Fred and before the Battle continued and recommenced when Ulf learned the death of Fred, Ulf became sympathetic towards the mourning Percy which in turn broke the stern and harsh font and grudge Ulf had towards Percy Weasley. Ulf-Harald John managed to forgive Percy in the end.

Death Eaters[]

Andreiko Igorobravitch[]

Bellatrix Lestrange[]



  • Wand:Ulf-Harald John wielded a Rosewood wand with Unicorn hair as core.
  • Magic Occlumency Ring: A birthday gift from his mother, a magical ring that gives the wearer the ability of decent occlumency and resistance to Legilemency.
  • Akela:Ulf´s pet wolf he had ever since his 13th Birthday
  • Books about creating spells:Ulf-harald John owned a variety of books about how to create spells and what not.
  • School Material:Ulf owned all the School Material he needed for Hogwarts such as various school books, small cauldron, bottles etc.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System:Ulf owned a NES at his home. While Ulf´s family house was indeed in a sense in the Wizarding World, muggle. technology was allowed (considering the fact that Ulf´s father was muggleborn) in the household. Ulf, when he was not studying or practicing the art of Spell Creation on weekends, summer, easter or christmas, played time to time on his console, same thing applies to the Super Nintendo
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Much like the case with the NES, Ulf also owned a SNES (Also known as a Super Nintendo or Super Nintendo Entertainment System) on which he played time to time when he had nothing else or anything important to do.